As the saying goes, rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests. Is there anyone around you who has an affair with a colleague?

Friendly! Is this kind of relationship ambiguous?

A married middle-aged male and female colleague lives in the neighborhood next to the county and works in the countryside. The women used to take other colleagues’ cars to work, and they would return to the county home on Wednesday. Since the male colleague arrived, the co-driver in his car is her special seat. Regardless of wind, snow, rain, frost, or severe cold and heat, I waited for her near her home on Monday on time, and went home with her from work on Friday. As long as the woman wanted to use the car, she would arrive in less than a minute on WeChat, and would return to work later. Where women can be seen in the unit, men can be seen. The company originally provided lunch and dinner, but the female owner would prepare the food and wait for the male owner to eat in her room together. In the evening, both of them would go for a walk after dinner. During the walk, as long as they met other colleagues in the company, they would immediately leave. After walking back, the man will chat in the woman’s room for hours before returning to his own room. Sometimes the man washes clothes in the woman’s washing machine, and the woman takes them to the man’s room. As long as the male owner forgets the female owner, he will sign the registration book for him. Therefore, sometimes the unit arranges work to arrange them together, and the female owners who receive the materials will take the initiative to receive them for the male owners. Of course, there are times when they are not together, that is, when the wife of the male owner comes to the unit, the female owner and the male owner pretend not to know each other.

It’s not gossip, because when friends mentioned this topic, they slapped the big unit. They looked down without looking up. When they saw it, they said it. If someone took the right seat, please review their behavior. As a citizen, what is the public order and good customs of society? Under the pear of the melon shed, self-avoidance of suspicion is a truth that three-year-olds all understand. The social distance of heterosexual interpersonal communication should be limited. If this article offends some people, correct it if you have, and encourage you if you have not.

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