Principle of UFO

Uf0 principle requirements: 1. Light weight and small weight. Two round cakes are streamlined and easy to rotate. 3. Electromagnetic drive without energy source. The energy source is the electromagnetic oscillator (the carrier of electromagnetic wave and light) IV in the universe. It is a strong magnet. Below is the south pole magnetic monopole, which has only repulsive force. The upper end is the north pole magnetic monopole, which only has gravity. UFO rises and falls by using the relationship between repulsion and gravity. The rotation speed is greater than the speed of light, which is the rotation of magnetic molecules. 5、 UFO production materials, superconductors. Superconductors are the decomposers of electromagnetic oscillators. Electromagnetic oscillators are absorbed by superconductors, decomposed into positive and negative charges, and transmitted to both ends of superconductors. This is the photoelectric effect. A large number of positive charges are accumulated at the upper end of the UFO, and the seven positive charges form a circumferentially rotating positive hexagonal north pole magnetic monopole molecule, which strengthens the attraction. A large number of negative charges accumulate at the lower end of uf0, and seven negative charges form a circular positive hexagonal Antarctic magnetic monopole, which strengthens the repulsion. In vacuum, the carrier of uf0 is the electromagnetic vibrator, and the speed of the electromagnetic vibrator is the speed of light, while the speed of the magnetic monopole is greater than the speed of light, so it can catch up with the force generated on the electromagnetic vibrator, so as to obtain the reaction force and make uf0 rise. The reason why Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong is here. In fact, it is a delusion that he is very ignorant of micro particles and photons. He believes that ordinary objects are slow and can’t catch up with changing the speed of light, but it ignores the basic fact that the speed of light is no bigger than the speed of the light source, otherwise the light source can’t excite photons. Just like throwing basketball, the speed of the hand is slower than basketball. Can basketball be accelerated? Admitting the particle nature of light, we can’t deny that photons can accelerate or decelerate! The flight of uf0 is to exert force on the electromagnetic vibrator, so as to obtain the reaction force. 6、 Earth people want to make uf0, the first thing to overcome is the room temperature superconductor. For example, some countries don’t build curvature engines. It’s a dream.

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