Dear comrades in arms, have you returned to the old army to have a look?

In 2016, I returned to my old army in Tibet. I went in by motorcycle. When I arrived at the gate, the sentry refused to let me in. I forgot to bring my discharge card. Then I told the sentry that I said you could not be the master, and you called your substitute cadre. I was a little sad when a captain came and said he wouldn’t let me in. I said,”Call the leader on duty in your Political Department today, and ask if I can go in now. Then, after asking for instructions, he let me in, and sent a small soldier to follow me. He didn’t let me take photos. I went inside. I turned around. When I left, I was exactly the same as when I left 20 years ago.”, Can I take a few photos? The little soldier said that the veteran squad leader, I know you have no problem. Take a picture and I’ll block it for you. My heart is very warm. Then I turn around inside. I come out. I have been out of the army for more than 20 years, and I almost dream about this old army every year. Since I went back to the old army that year, I have almost never dreamed of the old army. Maybe I have been tied up?

(There is a small episode in the middle. When I went to Tibet, I thought that I might not be able to enter. I also contacted my deputy company commander who was a soldier at that time. He later became the battalion commander of our battalion. He said you should go. One of the soldiers he took was the battalion commander of our army now. He also gave me a telephone call. Our battalion is in our division. I called the current battalion commander and asked him to prove coordination, and then he asked me you What are you doing in here? I can’t answer this question. I’m very angry. I hung up the phone and then said this in our comrades-in-arms group. Everyone is very angry. Can’t the people in active service understand the feelings and feelings of veterans?)

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