The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

The world is not peaceful, and armed conflict resolution has become the first choice of many countries. An Australian media editorial said that”from the chief designer to the chief implementer, the United States has now become the total destroyer of the international trading system”. Australian media also pointed out that the United States has given itself a red card. Indeed, the United States has become a destroyer of the current world order, and has brought more turbulence and uncertainty to this inherently unstable world. The United States’ habitual use of armed conflict means to solve problems has also played a bad exemplary role in the world.

In an uncertain world, more communication and cooperation are needed, but the United States has brought a bad news to the world, that is, it hopes to solve conflicts and problems by means of armed conflict. The United States constantly intensifies conflicts, ignites conflicts, creates turbulence around the world, and then uses chaos to achieve its own goals. Under the false example of the United States, some countries with contradictions began to take armed conflict as their first choice.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

A strong Israeli government was formed and began to choose to use force to achieve its objectives in the Middle East. After taking office, the new Israeli government quickly adopted some more radical policies and began to show the characteristics of a strong government. The high-profile entry of members of the Israeli government into religious shrines has undermined the status quo of maintaining peace in the region. Israel has also continuously and forcefully taken military actions, carrying out air strikes or military strikes against Palestine. Israel has also launched a strong air strike on Syria, carrying out continuous attacks on targets in Syria. It can be said that Israel wants to achieve its goal through strong military action.

This practice of abandoning peaceful dialogue and negotiation and directly choosing force is also very dangerous, which can easily lead to the intensification of regional conflicts and serious humanitarian disasters. Israel also sent a clear signal to Iran to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, causing the outside world to worry about the outbreak of the conflict between the United States and Israel and Iran, which led to the entire Middle East falling into war.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

The United States tried to intervene in Israeli decision-making, but the intervention failed. The United States government still wants to take intervention measures against Israel’s over-strong practice, and has indeed issued some statements and appeals. The United States calls on Israel not to change the status quo of religious holy sites and not to create conflicts and frictions on the issue of holy sites. The United States also issued an appeal for Israel’s excessive strength and excessive resort to force, demanding that Israel maintain the necessary restraint. It is obvious that the United States is also a little nervous about Israel’s approach of being too strong and possibly provoking a major conflict in the Middle East, and is trying to intervene.

The United States knows that once Israel provokes a major conflict in the Middle East, the United States will inevitably be involved, which will lead the United States to fall back into the mire of the Middle East war. The current strategic focus of the United States is not on the Middle East, so it does not want Israel to provoke a major conflict. But from the reality, the United States intervention failed, and Israel did not follow the intervention of the United States to continue its strong action.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

The Israeli army made a strong surprise attack in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, killing at least 10 Palestinians and injuring more than 10 others. Although the international community has called for maintaining peace and avoiding conflict, Israel has taken strong action. It is reported that the Israeli army entered the Jenin refugee camp forcefully on January 26 to carry out a search operation and took a strong search operation, and clashed with the Palestinians. Israel forcefully captured the Palestinians and directly opened fire during the operation. It is reported that the Israeli army directly chose to open fire during the operation, and fierce gunfire was heard at the scene.

It is clear that the Israeli army is very strong in its actions and is not polite to the Palestinians. The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that at least 10 people were killed and more than 10 others were injured, some of them seriously. Israel claimed to take this strong action, mainly because the Palestinians shot down an Israeli drone.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

The situation in the Middle East is tense. China, France, the United Arab Emirates and other countries jointly promote the Security Council to conduct emergency consultations. Israel’s strong military action has led to serious casualties among Palestinians, which has led to tension in the Middle East. Originally, the Middle East is a powder keg, and the regional situation is very complex and sensitive. If the current tension cannot be well settled, it is likely to cause greater chaos in the Middle East, which is also the most worrying. Against the background of tension, China began to work with other peace-loving countries to ease the situation.

At the initiative of China, the United Arab Emirates and France, the United Nations Security Council will hold internal emergency consultations on the death of at least 10 Palestinians caused by the Israeli security forces’ operation in the Jenin area. Mansur, the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations, confirmed the news. It is reported that the corresponding internal consultations will be held on the morning of January 27 local time, and the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Vineslan, will attend the corresponding consultations.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

Emergency consultations of the Security Council are an effective way to resolve conflicts and promote peace. China, France and Afghanistan promote the urgent consultations of the Security Council, which is an effective way to resolve conflicts and promote peace, as well as the most effective way to deal with current problems. This kind of consultation is conducive to resolving differences through dialogue, avoiding further intensification of conflicts, and at the same time, it can put the corresponding countries on the track of negotiation to a certain extent. It can be said that China has always been an active promoter of global peace, and has always taken practical actions to maintain peace, resolve conflicts, resolve differences and avoid the deterioration of conflicts. There is no doubt that China’s efforts are fruitful and have made great contributions to regional peace.

The United States failed to intervene. At least 10 people were killed in the Israeli military raid. China and France promoted the urgent consultations of the Security Council

It is difficult to quickly resolve conflicts, and some fundamental contradictions are difficult to resolve. Although the United Nations Security Council has begun urgent consultations on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has shown hope for peace, the conflict is still difficult to settle. It is difficult to reconcile the contradiction that Israel wants more land and Palestine wants to establish a state and maintain its own territory. Israel is a strong government at present, and it needs to take some strong actions to win fundamental support, so it is bound to take more strong actions in the next step, causing more conflicts.

For Palestine, its biggest problem is that it is difficult to form a unified will inside, and internal division is also the biggest weakness. The world sympathizes with the Palestinians because their territory is becoming smaller and poorer. However, as the world today is still dominated by the United States, the fate of Palestine is difficult to change quickly.

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