Is “Bloody Romance” a TV series with three wrong views?

After seeing the last episode, I had a heartfelt dislike for the role of Zhong Yuemin. He should not, should not, cross a bar to betray Ning Wei. As a criminal policeman, Zhang Haiyang’s duty is beyond reproach. Ning Wei had to go abroad after paying homage to his parents. Nobody else knows. What can you show? The key is that although Ning Wei said it was dan who committed a crime, he did not harm the innocent or bully the good. Those killed are all damned people. Ning Wei is a good man who values love and righteousness. Why not kill everything? Don’t give me a big reason. Many villains and villains can go unpunished. For a good brother like Ning Wei. He committed the crime of losing his head. You can’t help him. Is it not good to keep silent and keep his duty? I really want to do meritorious deeds. There are many bad people in the world. You can catch them.

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