After half of your life, what do you understand?

1: The end of men is security, and the end of women is cleaning.

2: If you are familiar, you must be a monster.

3: Enough hypocrisy, enough double-dealing, and thick skin are the performance of high emotional intelligence.

4: Don’t think too well of people, and don’t think too badly of people. Everything is caused by human nature.

5: People who don’t understand hypocrisy in mixed society generally can’t mix well. Such is human nature.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

6: Introverted people are really suitable for the system, but the premise is that they don’t have to be promoted.

7: It is normal for others to be indifferent to you, and enthusiasm for you must be helpful.

8: Make sure you have the value of interest.

9: Beware of people’s feelings. Don’t feel that you can get justice and good treatment if you are kind.

10: Young people, we should continue to make unremitting efforts. Don’t do this for a time. If you do that for a time, your youth will be wasted.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

11: Don’t tell others how much money you have earned and how much money you have saved. Try not to be too proud in front of others and don’t lend others money.

12: Money is very important, but health is more important.

13: It’s really fun to reduce unnecessary social interaction.

14: Love yourself. No matter how rich you are, including your parents, you are the only one who can love you most. No one will really love you.

15: Put yourself in the right position between heaven and earth and reduce the perception of”self” can reduce most of the anxiety.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

16: Do what you want to do. If you can’t do it, stick to it again. If you can’t do it, change the way. Everything in the world is working hard for survival. Failure and success are as natural and common as running water. Just like a cow eating grass on the roadside, does it need to consider its own outcome? No, just live each day well. You don’t have to be bound by emotions, and you don’t have to deliberately avoid emotions. Let everything exist like water! We can’t have everything, we can’t have nothing.

17: The richness of failure is equivalent to letting you experience life and understand the world.

18: Health is a blessing. Having health equals having money.

19: When you want to complain about bad emotions and bad things to others, don’t let them. First, others don’t want to hear you complain, second, they can’t empathize with you, and finally, no one cares about you. You should swallow it, digest it and grow up.

20: If you feel that God is always obstructing you in the same thing, believe that God is giving you an opportunity to get out of it. Don’t seize the opportunity every time. If you are decisive, you will be broken.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

21: If others have shown that they are not good to you, you should not pretend to be a good person or not know. You should also be moved by how good Baba is to others. After all, others are not afraid of offending you. What are you afraid of? Tell others directly that your attitude towards me is my attitude towards you.

22: Don’t overspend. Saving money is the most important thing. There is at least enough money to keep me from working for three months.

23: When it’s time to be tough, don’t be pinched as a soft persimmon. It’s easy to do a lot of things with a thick face.

24: Don’t try to change others. Stay away from things and people that consume you. It’s important for you to be happy in your life. We are all the protagonists of your life. Don’t drift with the tide.

25: Never break. If your work environment has seriously damaged your mental state and your living habits, then leave. The situation changes with your heart and you should be more confident about yourself.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

26: Some people don’t have low EQ, they just think you are not worth it.

27: Relatives like obedient children. This”obedience” means listening to them. If you don’t listen, you have no vision, and you are not good children.

28: It’s really hard for ordinary people to make money by investing in stocks.

29: Marriage depends on management. If you don’t manage it well, any good marriage will fail.

30: Don’t be angry. There is no one to replace you when you are angry. Anger is to punish yourself for others’ mistakes.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

31: Learning to take care of yourself is the biggest task in your life. Cook for yourself, keep fit, exercise, study and love your family.

32: When the leader starts to hate himself, it is time to leave. Because prejudice will not change, and he will not continue to cultivate you. It is better to leave early and save land.

33: Money can solve 99.9% of the troubles in the world, and no money can create 99.9% of the troubles.

34: Girls should not rely too much on their boyfriends or husbands. They should be independent, take feelings as a part of their lives, invest more in themselves, and make progress every day. No one will really love you in a bad way. They should reserve a little for lovers or friends, and do not drag them out completely. Many hearts are from mystery.

35: Don’t be friends with sales in your company.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

36: It’s really hard to find a job after the age of 40.

37: Sometimes, the maintenance of some relationships needs both sides to be good. You can only be good if you are good.

38: For ordinary people, money is saved.

39: Don’t try to buy something you hesitate to buy cheaply. You will find it useless in the end.

40: Only after buying a lot of clothes can you know which one is suitable for you, and the consumption will decrease. In the same way, I have done many things before I know what should be done and what should not be done, and I will no longer be busy doing useless work.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

41: No matter how good the relationship is, you can’t work for relatives. You will suffer from depression.

42: It’s great for ordinary people to do ordinary things well. Don’t force yourself, and learn to accept your ordinary.

43: No matter how much money you spend, you can’t get in and out.

44: You should subtract in life and leave more time for yourself and your family. Work is not the most important thing in life.

45: Making money is to make you happy, not to give it to the hospital.

After half of your life, what do you understand?

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