Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

The”fart curtain” of the Japanese army is extremely ugly, but it is the”gift” of the emperor, and has avoided a large number of non-combat attrition of the Japanese armyIts function is similar to the ear of Pig Bajie. The military cap of the Eighth Route Army has similar functions but is very beautiful

This design of the Japanese army is not original in Japan, but has unique functionsEven on the hats of the Chinese army, there are similar functional designs, but they are much more beautiful

Let me explain to you in detail why the Japanese army must use several yellow diapers and hang them on the edge of the hat

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

The Japanese military cap draped is the so-called”grace” of the Mikado

The drapes on both sides of the Japanese military cap are very wonderful in design. Like the 38-type rifle, it is the standard equipment of the Japanese army in World War II, and is often referred to as”cap hanging”.

There is a saying that the Japanese are afraid of being beheaded by the Chinese army’s machete, so they are specially designed to add cap pendants on both sides of the military cap to cushion the power of the machete. There is absolutely no basis for this statement, because with a few pieces of cloth, it can’t resist the power of the big knife

So how did these extremely ugly pieces of cloth first equip the Japanese army?

In 1874, after the Japanese army invaded Taiwan Province of China, the patriotic army and people of Taiwan vowed to”let everyone die and lose the Taiwan, and never give up the Taiwan”. In the case of a great disparity between the forces of the enemy and ours, they launched a desperate struggle against the invading Japanese invaders. The anti-Japanese armed forces, with farmers as the main body, carried out tenacious resistance for decades.

The Japanese troops stationed in Taiwan suffered from mosquito bites in Taiwan while”suppressing” the anti-Japanese armed forces. Due to Taiwan’s subtropical climate, the climate of the tropical rainforest is changing rapidly, and there are many mosquitoes, which has caused many non-combat casualties for the Japanese army.

In July of the 32nd year of Meiji (1899), the Mikado of Japan issued the so-called”imperial edict” to show his sympathy for the”subjects” and further carry out the war of aggression, distributing”military cap drapes” to the Japanese garrison in Taiwan.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

In 1900, the Japanese army participated in the war of aggression against China by the Eight-Power Allied Forces, and also wore this kind of military cap with a cap drop

This unique design divides the whole cloth into several pieces. There are three air holes on the top of the hat and a rope belt at the back. Later, it was revised several times. In June 1938, the Japanese soldiers distributed the army cap, and distributed the”military cap hanging cloth” along with it. There were four pieces of cloth at the bottom of the cap, which hung down on the cap and flew with the wind when walking.

Functions with little effect and Japanese strange aesthetic views

The main functions of this method are as follows:

The first is to prevent mosquito bitesDuring the march, it can float naturally. In the subtropical area where the Japanese army is fighting, the climate is humid and hot, and mosquitoes are rampant. This will drive away some mosquito bites.

How effective is this design? Of course, it is impossible to drive out mosquitoes completely. It has a little protective effect on the head and neck.

The second is to facilitate air circulationThis design is equivalent to the ear of Pig Bajie. It can also promote air circulation, facilitate heat dissipation, and increase comfort in the sultry rain forest weather.

The third is that the sun can be shadedWith this kind of cloth on the hat, it can block some sunshine.

The fourth is emergency actionOn the battlefield, when soldiers are injured, they often cannot find clean cloth in time to bandage the wounds. Although this kind of cloth is in poor sanitary condition, it can also be pulled down at a critical moment for emergency treatment and bandage some less serious wounds to stop bleeding.

The Japanese army fought in subtropical areas, especially in the jungles of Myanmar and Impal, and many non-combat casualties were caused by diseases caused by mosquito bites. With this cloth, the non-combat attrition of the Japanese army was effectively reduced.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

It is estimated that during the whole World War II, the non-combat personnel of the Japanese army was reduced by about 100000 due to the cloth. I don’t think there is much basis for this statistics.

In my opinion, this kind of cloth can’t be denied to have played a certain role, but its role is not as big as expected.

Think about it. If sweat and rain dampen these cloth sheets during the march, and the weather is sultry, how comfortable can these wet cloth sheets be on the skin of the head and neck? So this design is not very popular

In addition to practical functions, there is another reason for this wonderful equipment of the Japanese army: the Japanese have a strange aesthetic view. They think that these cloth pieces are flying in the wind, which is more elegant and”majestic”

In the era of Japanese samurai, Japanese samurai had a kind of equipment called”array hat”. The Japanese samurai wore a bamboo hat with strips of cloth hanging around. The main function of this cloth strip is to shade the sun and play a certain decorative role at the same time.

Therefore, at the beginning of the design, the Japanese not only drew on the design of the French army at that time, but also drew on the design style of the ancient samurai”array hat”. The Japanese believe that this kind of design is beautiful and powerful, and can display the”image” of their so-called”imperial army”

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

is not the first initiative of the Japanese army

The head is wrapped with cloth, which is called”cap” in ancient China and”Futou” after the Tang DynastyDuring the war in ancient China, soldiers often wrapped some cloth on their heads in a variety of styles. The headband of ancient soldiers, which covers the entire head of soldiers, has a certain protective function, and can also prevent mosquito bites. It can be used to bandage wounds at critical moments. The Northern Ocean sailors of Li Hongzhang in the Qing Dynasty were also wrapped with cloth on their heads

The design of cap hanging on both sides of the military cap has been used by the French and Germans, not to mention the invention and creation of the Japanese

In order to prevent soldiers from being exposed to the sun and thus burning their skin, the French army specially designed a cloth sheet at the back of the hat to protect them from sun and mosquitoes. The French army was a relatively powerful army force in the world at that time. Therefore, during the Meiji period, Japan set up a modern army with the slogan of”overall westernization”. It reformed the dress of the army, imitating the training methods and clothing styles of the French army.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

Similar to this design is the German”German mountain cap”, which is the reference of the National Revolutionary Army’s military cap.

Before the outbreak of the comprehensive anti-Japanese war, the National Revolutionary Army received a large number of German-style equipment. Among them, the design of the German mountain hat is also widely used in the national army.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

After the start of the comprehensive war of resistance, the Red Army stationed in northern Shaanxi was reorganized into the Eighth Route Army of the National Revolutionary Army, which was later renamed the Eighth Group Army of the National Revolutionary Army according to the unified sequence of the National Army. The Eighth Route Army also began to wear military hats of this design.

At the beginning of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the Kuomintang issued”blue sky and white sun” hat badges to the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army. Later, as the Anti-Japanese War entered the middle and late stages, frequent frictions occurred between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. The Kuomintang stopped or delayed the distribution of equipment to the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army, and basically no longer issued the”blue sky” hat badge. Therefore, the cap of the Eighth Route Army generally no longer has the”blue sky and white” badge, but only uses two buttons as a substitute.

These two buttons can be undone. If you unfasten the button, you can put down the part on both sides of the hat that blocks the ears, which can block mosquito bites and shade from the sun. When the weather is cold, you can also protect the ears from the cold. This design is more beautiful. It can be put and put away, very user-friendly.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

Not all Japanese troops are equipped

The military cap drapes were distributed, mainly for the Japanese and Chinese dispatched troops and the Japanese Southern Army during the Anti-Japanese War. Its operational area is mainly in Southeast Asia and South China. The Japanese troops fighting in the North China battlefield are rarely distributed because there are not so many mosquitoes

However, the Japanese Kwantung Army basically did not distribute such equipment. Because the Kwantung Army is fighting in the northeast of China, the climate is relatively cold, there is no tropical rainforest, there are not so many mosquito bites, and there is little sun exposure at ordinary times, so this kind of equipment is not needed.

Why were there several drapes on both sides of the military cap when the Japanese army was marching and fighting in World War II?

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