The old couple lived for 40 years before they realized that the house did not belong to them

A couple lived in a detached house in Newfoundland for 40 years. When they wanted to sell the house and move to an apartment, they found that the detached house was not owned by them at all

The old couple lived for 40 years before they realized that the house did not belong to them

CBC reported that Randy&Pauline Diamond stared at her house in Catalina, where she had lived for nearly 40 years When they sell the house, the provincial government claims that the house is located inCrown Land, so they have no right to sell the house, lawn garden, etc

In 1981, Baolin’s father bought the land and gave it to his three children. Baolin and her husband built a house on this land in 1984.They own the land contract, and they have always paid housing tax to Catalina Town. In the past, the provincial government never told them about the ownership of this land

Bao Lin, 67, was diagnosed with lung cancer and bone cancer for more than three years and wanted to move to an accessible apartment. But now they have to file a lawsuit with the provincial government. Court proceedings will cost them a lot of money

Their daughter Kennedy has been trying to help her parents through the difficulties, but she can do nothing

The old couple lived for 40 years before they realized that the house did not belong to them

The Damons were shocked and saddened by the problem of house property rights

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture refused many requests for interviews and said that it was unable to comment on specific cases in the court

In a statement provided to CBC, the department said that its official land department recognized that this process might be frustrating, but that it had a legal responsibility to manage and distribute provincial land in a”responsible manner”.”When any petitioner applies for a certificate of title under the Transfer of Title Act, if any subject land is considered to be official land, the department has a legal obligation to review the application and raise an objection to the claim.”

To make matters worse, the new buyers Jeremy and Kayla from Hart’s family and their 10-year-old daughter Sophia Stagg have sold their original house and bought Baolin’s house to live in. For about 16 hours, the Harts thought they were going to be homeless, but the kind Damons let them move into the house first. I thought that the whole matter could be solved soon, but this is not the case

According to the Crown Lands map on the provincial government website, thousands of people in Newfoundland may live on official land

Legal experts explained that early rural residents may have occupied the land in good faith, but they paid taxes and made a living on the land, but they were not recorded correctly

Greg French, a real estate lawyer, once wrote a report on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association, calling on the government to restore the rights of squatters during certain land occupation periods

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