China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

Unconsciously, the parents of our generation (post-80s and post-90s) have become the elderly and vulnerable groups that need to be guarded by us. But it backfired. Now many middle-aged people are still running around in other places for houses and cars, constantly seeking survival. They not only have no excess economic strength, but also have no time to take care of them. It is unfilial. Therefore, if you have a chance, you should accompany them more and help them do more housework

 China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

In addition, we should also help them learn the Internet and use all kinds of intelligent devices and software, so as to better keep up with the times and enjoy all kinds of convenience and benefits brought by the rapid development of science, technology and society. So how can we help them

Since we want to let the elderly understand the Internet and various intelligent devices, the first thing to do is to provide them with a smooth and safe network environment. Recently, China Mobile has taken “ Science and technology serve the public and wisdom leads change ” For the purpose, it launched the # China Mobile silver guard program #, and launched “ Silver Guardian plan ” We hope that through the online Shenzhouxing filial piety card, we can help the elderly understand the Internet more friendly and healthily and help them keep up with the digital age

 China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

It is understood that the new Shenzhouxing filial piety card is specially customized for the elderly. It not only supports the function of going out and positioning, but also can automatically intercept harassing calls and keep them away from Telecom fraud. These two functions are very practical for some elderly people living alone. After all, the current means of telecommunications fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated, and they will be deceived if they are not careful

 China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

At the same time, Shenzhouxing filial piety card supports the function of paying phone bills for children. They don’t have to go to the business hall to deliver, so that the phone can be kept unblocked at all times. The most important thing is that the children pay the phone bill, and the Shenzhouxing filial piety card is free and very humanized

Of course, if you feel uneasy about a single call, Shenzhouxing Xiaoxin card also gives you 10GB of exclusive traffic and supports more than 100 apps. It can make video calls with them all the time. At the same time, it is easier to help them understand all kinds of news around them and watch videos for entertainment. It can be said to be very convenient and efficient

 China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

In addition, for the elderly over the age of 65, Shenzhouxing Xiaoxin card branch also launched 10086 one button direct manual service, which can obtain the most intimate service without various transfer operations and long-time waiting. After all, now many old people are illiterate and don’t know how to transfer. This one click direct way is worth affirming. This is what large enterprises and companies should do

 China Mobile launched Shenzhouxing filial piety card to help the elderly keep up with the digital age

If you have old people in your family who can’t take care of them all the time and worry about the harassment of Telecom fraud, then the Shenzhouxing filial piety card is worth recommending and can help you solve many worries at home

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