• Xigelijiang is promoted, and Nanjing Tongxi is expected to win the championship, and its confidence strength is greatly increased

    With the promotion of Xijelijiang, Nanjing Tongxi is expected to win the championship, and its confidence strength is greatly increased If you say who is the big black horse team this season, I’m afraid most people will think it is Nanjing Tongxi team, because Nanjing Tongxi team has been the bottom fish belly team in the past two seasons, but this season is different. After Jorjevich transferred to Nanjing Tongxi, he performed very well and was directly promoted to head coach Xigelijiang also follows his teammates, sometimes playing together, and…

    January 28, 2023 sports
  • Review the popular blog ranking BEST 10 in 2022

    Happy New Year The 2022 Beijing Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the prevalence of the variant strain of COVID-19, the global inflation that Russia attacked Ukraine and ignored for half a century, and Japan’s defeat of powerful enemies Germany and Spain in the 2022 Kadar World Cup, etc., have seen a lot of things this year. In Osaka, the infection strategy coexisting with COVID-19 was adopted. The tourist attractions such as Osaka City and Dawtonhori are also gradually recovering from the past due to the visits of domestic and…

    January 27, 2023 sports
  • Warriors vs Raptors: Cole’s new lineup is unexpected! Green is very important. One person is kicked out of rotation

    Preface It has to be said that after the return of the Warriors’ main lineup, their performance has been ups and downs during this period. Reversed by the Nets, and then defeated the Grizzlies on the court, the short two games are the epitome of the Warriors in the period of regrouping. Of course, this is also related to Cole’s continuous trial of new lineups during this period. But at least from now on, the Warriors ranked 8th in the West with 24 wins and 24 losses, and they are…

    January 27, 2023 sports
  • Who can hit the 30000 mark? The three major players in active service are most likely to have James’ goal of 40000

    James has surpassed Jabbar to join the top scorer in history, which is a matter of certainty. For him, if he can keep healthy, he may have a chance to hit the 40000 mark. So who else is the active NBA star who can cross the three-point mark in his career? Durant, Harden and Curry are the most likely stars. Curry broke through 21000 points at the beginning of the Warriors’ victory over the Grizzlies. With Curry’s playing style and age, the total score can exceed 300 million in four…

    January 26, 2023 sports
  • The Lakers lost the Clippers, James’ latest data

    On January 25, the Lakers played the Clippers, the Derby in the same city, and the former enemies of the old Zhan, including both Kaka and George, made the game even more exciting. It was just that the Lakers didn’t play as well as expected. They were suppressed by the Clippers and finally lost to the Clippers 115-133 Thick eyebrow continued to be sidelined due to injury. James, 38, was strong and healthy, and did not lose the game by one against two. He shot 29-16, 14-9 in three points,…

    January 25, 2023
  • The top four women’s singles of the Australian Open came out: the white and Russian girls are marching forward, and the Polish veteran is facing a major breakthrough

    After the first 10 competition days, all the top four women’s singles at the Australian Open this season were produced. Azarenka and Sabarenka, two famous Belarusian players, were successfully qualified. Rinette of Poland made a major breakthrough in his career. Last year’s Wimbledon champion Lebakina was successfully qualified. The next four contestants will launch the final sprint towards the Daphne Cup. Lebakina, the winner of last year’s Wimbledon champion, has successfully broken through in the quarter of the Australian Open. On the way to promotion, she successively defeated two Grand…

    January 25, 2023 sports
  • The Lakers welcome two great benefits! The new player will wear the No. 28 jersey and Davis will be back in 24 hours at the earliest

    On January 25, Beijing time, the Lakers were still in the middle of joy. They traded Nann and three rounds of the round to gain a striker. This is what they have been looking forward to. Today, the Lakers have received two more good news. The new aid, Shimura, has determined the number of the jersey and will wear the number 28; Another core Davis recovered very smoothly and is expected to return in 24 hours. The Lakers successfully improved the lineup through trading, and did not draw the first…

    January 24, 2023
  • 76 people 4 for 1 offer Xiekam! Haden is expected to join forces with the all-star front, and 76 people have taken off?

    Quote background Harden and Enbide took turns, but 76 people were able to win the King of the Western Strong Team under the leadership of a group of bench bandits, and achieved a good result of five consecutive wins. The depth of the lineup is obvious, and it is like a championship team. The 76ers have a record of 30 wins and 16 losses. They have stumbled all the way. Injuries have not overwhelmed them. Instead, they have inspired the fighting power of the bench, and finally made them into…

    January 24, 2023 sports
  • He cursed the referee, was frustrated in love, lost the national team, and finally became his most hated person

    Recently, the candidates for the new national team training list have attracted much attention. Many people think that the players who can be selected for the national team will not be eligible for the national team, and the defeat of Sun Minghui is even more incomprehensible to the fans. A media source said that Sun Minghui’s defeat was largely due to his serious personal injury and illness, so he finally lost the election. In fact, in the view of the editor, Sun Minghui’s experience on the field in recent seasons…

    January 23, 2023
  • Media people! Li Pingkang once again revealed that he has neglected an important person and must be severely punished

    Preface Years ago, Chen Yongliang and Liu Yi, the senior officials of the Football Association, were successively taken away by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for investigation, and Liu Yi was also removed from the position of the Secretary-General of the Football Association, which made the Football Association nervous for a while, and the spearhead also began to point at the Vice President Gao Hongbo and the Chairman Chen Xuyuan. Now, Li Pingkang, an insider, has revealed that after the players’ coaches and officials were taken away for investigation,…

    January 23, 2023 sports