• Launch failure and satellite loss: Why did NASA dare to hand over the satellite to this company for launch?

    On the evening of June 11 local time, a routine launch mission of Astra, a satellite start-up company, failed, resulting in the loss of two small meteorological satellites of NASA. It can be said that it was a chicken flying egg fight two satellites are lost Astra is a very young rocket launch company, established in 2016, aiming to become the preferred launch provider for small satellite operators by providing flexible, professional and cost-effective orbital flight services In december2020, Astra conducted its first rocket test flight at the Pacific spaceport…

    June 13, 2022 science
  • 380000 kilometers of outer space enclosure, the moon base has set up a safety zone, and NASA has made a secret crossing

    with the progress of technology and the increasingly clear map of lunar resources, the world’s major space powers are setting off a new round of lunar exploration after the Apollo manned lunar landing program. on Wednesday, Philippe Baptiste, head of the French space research center, officially signed the Artemis agreement led by NASA in Washington, becoming the 20th State Party to the agreement philipbaptiste and Nelson signed the Artemis agreement signing the agreement is a prerequisite for joining the”Artemis program”. The latter is a space exploration program aimed at manned…

    June 12, 2022 science
  • SpaceX met with NASA Artemis team at the starrocket base. The new rocket is better than Saturn V

    NASA awarded SpaceX a contract to develop The Starship lunar manned landing system (HLS) will send astronauts to the moon. As part of the Artemis program, the program will launch the first female and next male astronauts to the moon. It will be half a century since man returned to our nearest celestial body – the moon. SpaceX is developing a two-stage starship, including a powerful super heavy rocket booster, which will push the spacecraft into orbit. The company is preparing to conduct its first orbital flight test this year,…

    June 11, 2022 science
  • Roscosmos: it has received 2billion rubles in arrears from the US side

    in an interview with”Russia 24″ news channel on the 11th, Rogozin, President of the Russian National Space Company, said that although it was one month later than the original plan, the United States had used rubles to pay the cost of American astronauts flying to the international space station by Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Rogozin said that under the pressure of the US Congress, the payer was not NASA, but an intermediary company. US astronaut vanderhay arrived at the international space station in April 2021 aboard the Russian Soyuz manned spacecraft….

    June 11, 2022
  • Pawr successfully demonstrated the intelligent spectrum sharing technology jointly developed by zylinium research and the US Department of Defense

    according to the AP report on June 9, the project office of advanced wireless research platform (pawr) announced that zylinium research has successfully developed and demonstrated the dynamic spectrum distribution system and spectrum switching, and has conducted tests and verifications on the pawr infrastructure, including the Colosseum network simulator and powder wireless test bench in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    June 9, 2022
  • South Korea officially launched the research and development of “50 qubit quantum computer”

    according to the Yonhap report on June 9 , on June 9, Lee Chung Ho, an official of the Ministry of science, technology and information and communication of the Republic of Korea, held a”report meeting on the establishment of 50 bit quantum computers and the development of quantum Internet” in Daejeon, South Korea, marking the official start of the research and development plan of 50 bit quantum computers.

    June 9, 2022
  • The emergence of life is related to the reaction of volcanic glass

    American chemists have discovered a surprisingly simple mechanism that can lead to the formation of RNA strands on earth – the evolution of these molecules eventually led to the emergence of the first living cell catarchea land – more than 4billion years ago: artists’ point of view Modern organisms encode and transmit genetic information in the form of DNA, and realize it with the help of proteins. However, it is believed that life begins with RNA, whose molecules can perform informational functions (such as DNA) and catalytic functions (such as…

    June 8, 2022
  • Baikonur will launch two Soyuz rockets in August and September this year

    according to the report of TASS on June 7, the news service department of the”progress” Space Rocket Center told TASS that the Baikonur space launch site will launch the Soyuz space rocket twice in the late summer and early autumn of this year.

    June 7, 2022
  • The strangest looking dinosaur in the world — little piranha

    [Microraptor] Microraptor is a small chironoid dinosaur found in the Jiufotang formation, Liaoning Province, China. It lived in the early Cretaceous Barremian stage, about 130million to 125.5 million years ago. At present, nearly 10 complete fossils have been found. It is one of the smallest dinosaurs known, with a length of 55cm~77cm. Microraptor should be one of the ancestors of birds. Its body is covered with a thick layer of feathers, and there is a feather fan at the end of its tail, which can increase stability in flight

    June 7, 2022
  • Singing lava can help predict dangerous eruptions

    The sound wave transmitted from the volcanic lava lake can determine the temperature and composition of the lava hidden in the deep, and timely detect the impending eruption lava flows erupted by Kilauea volcano in 2018 When a large piece of rock falls into a lava lake, its vibration will spread to the entire thickness of the volcano. The characteristics of these waves make it possible to estimate the temperature and composition of the magma hidden in the depths, and predict the active and dangerous periods of eruption in advance….

    June 7, 2022