• “Sacrifice flow” Athena is on fire again? No points will be deducted for dozens of free gifts. Player: Don’t play

    Hello, everyone. I’m the game commentator of Kurihara. I bring different game information and strategies every day. Foreword: I don’t know when the”Sacrifice Stream” Athena’s playing method started to fire again, and this time the playing method hardly deducted credit points. Generally, there will be many players”following the trend” in such a playing method, and the final result is to lose more than win, after all, the whole game lacks one teammate. “Sacrifice Flow” Athena is on fire again There has been this play before, but at last it can’t…

    February 1, 2023 game
  • The new play method reappears in the vast universe. Don’t break down the magic stone with this term.

    After the Spring Festival version on January 12, the earrings with four attributes were changed from all-strong to single-strong, resulting in that many of the earrings with small sizes of bricks were less than 250. At that time, the matching was also analyzed. However, a ring [the pride of the knight] suddenly caught fire in the post bar a few days ago, which opened the mind. Let’s first look at the standard matching of the big sky. As shown in Figure 1, five pieces of armor and the Legion necklace…

    January 31, 2023 game
  • My teammates always say you have no rhythm in the field? What is the right way to fight against the wild

    Let’s talk about the difficulties and core ideas Economic food line Millions of people have mentioned that if you want to play the wild core well, you must be able to eat the thread. If you can’t eat, don’t play. Don’t care if your teammates will spray. You don’t eat the line to go to the high section, and you will get sprayed when you stay at the low section, shielding how to play. Generally, the wild core is buffed on the development road, and then eat the line against…

    January 25, 2023 game
  • S30 Season King Glory Hou Yi’s Inscription Recommended

    Is it really harmless to abandon the endless Hou Yi? Facts have proved that the world’s martial arts can only be broken quickly, and the best is for you. The attack speed and feel of the last shadow blade of the electric knife are full. Add a piece of defense to improve the living space. After all, only when the hero is alive can the output be achieved. Finally, add a piece of dawn, match with the high intensity attack frequency damage to directly explode the table, and then change…

    January 10, 2023 game
  • After only one month of service, the Taiwan warship burst

    “How can the DPP authorities’ fight against China and protect Taiwan ‘when planes often fall and warships will crack?”

    January 8, 2023
  • “17 dead and 22 injured!” Relatives of the deceased in a major traffic accident in Nanchang, Jiangxi told themselves

    Since ancient times, China has always been a country that stresses etiquette. In particular, among the people, this is even more obvious. There is a wedding ceremony when you get married, and a funeral ceremony when you are buried. Even when you open a store, you have to hold a form to say what you want. In fact, it is wrong to understand the problem like this. No matter what ceremony is held, it is just a form and has nothing to do with execution. People with happy families may…

    January 8, 2023
  • The United States is tough enough, but the result is that the United States did not expect that while the Silicon Valley of the United States was in crisis, China was given an opportunity

    It’s a very familiar word to lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot. The relevant arrogant and prejudiced western countries often explain the meaning of this sentence to the world in reality. It is true that many western countries led by the United States are throwing stones at their own feet. The United States sees that China has made good progress in many fields such as artificial intelligence and factory automation, and even has begun to master the right to speak of standards in areas such as communications,…

    January 7, 2023 game
  • US Media: Pelosi “snickered” when the Speaker was still not elected after the 11th round of voting

    House Leader McCarthy It is reported that after 15 rounds of voting in the US House of Representatives, the House of Representatives finally passed McCarthy as Speaker by more than half, which eased the deadlock in the US political arena. McCarthy, the leader of the House of Representatives who had obtained a weak majority before, was unable to convince the public, and many lawmakers refused to vote for him, leading to his total vote lower than that of Jeffries, the leader of the opposition Democratic Party; The Democratic Party cannot…

    January 7, 2023 game
  • The seemingly “ordinary” games in the hard disk drive were known to be of restricted level many years later

    In the 1970s and 1980s, when games were just becoming popular, there was basically no grading system. After all, the image quality at that time would not affect people of any age. However, with the improvement of the image quality of the game, many indescribable and violent games began to emerge. At this time, people began to pay attention to the psychological impact of small players Then the game grading system came into being in the later stage, and it became more and more refined over time. The classification systems…

    December 17, 2022 game
  • Memory of Love · Xuan Haoyu

    Xuan Haoyu, a copy of Loulan Players’ children’s desire The years of gaming are like flowing water Xiake’s true feelings will never change

    December 17, 2022