• Physiological period = golden fat reduction period? Girls, here comes the big way to lose weight – Sandy

    aunts are a pain in the hearts of many women. if they come, they will be sad. If they don’t come, they will be more sad… How can they relieve their worries? Eat and drink you can’t eat fat in physiological period anyway wait, who told you whether you are fat in your physiological period? calories will not be discounted due to menstrual holidays. diet during physiological period is too casual, will still make you fat but as long as you eat right and do right, it is not impossible…

    June 13, 2022 fitness
  • Are you anxious about losing weight

    @ everyone can popularize science and have new knowledge everywhere if you are stressed and anxious every day, you are very likely to gain weight. Most people’s anxiety about losing weight comes from their weight, so it is recommended that you put away your scale and don’t weigh it every day. And to ensure your sleep. People who don’t sleep well have hormone disorders, and then their inhibition decreases. It’s very easy to overeat. sometimes if you can’t sleep well at night, you can take a lunch break during the…

    June 13, 2022
  • A few symptoms before becoming thin. Come and see if you are in it?

    good evening everyone ~ it’s a good summer! the weather is good and the mood is good, but there is only one bad thing: for people who lose weight, they are obviously losing weight, but there is no change. at this time, you are easy to fall into a kind of confusion: everyone has different physique, and the body burns fat differently. Today I will talk about the precursor of the body becoming thinner. eat no more than 7 minutes full when you are used to eating every meal for…

    June 13, 2022
  • Why can’t you eat sweet potato during weight loss?

    whether fitness coaches or nutrition experts, most of them suggest that people who are just starting to lose weight or struggling to lose weight at the stage of losing weight should replace refined carbon water with coarse food, which will help to delay hunger. Speaking of coarse grains, corn and sweet potato can be said to be the”net red” in the coarse grain industry, and potato and oatmeal may also be familiar. Some people also say that you can’t eat sweet potatoes for weight loss. Can you or can’t you?…

    June 11, 2022 fitness
  • “Not eating after noon” is questioned. Is it really effective to lose weight? More than a year of research has revealed the truth

    Weight loss has always been the”theme” of social health, either for beauty or for health. Although the purposes of weight loss are different, the role of weight loss is still optimistic on the whole. Appropriate weight loss methods can effectively reduce the risks of hypertension, hyperglycemia, liver and kidney disease, and produce many benefits to health But correspondingly, the wrong way to lose weight may also bring harm to health. Therefore, the most enthusiastic thing for people who want to lose weight is to explore different ways to lose weight,…

    June 11, 2022
  • Don’t pull me! I want to publish this yogurt red black list

    do you know this misunderstanding of weight loss Do you also think that [yogurt and fruit] is a slimming meal, and it is healthy to use it instead of dinner look out! If you choose the wrong yogurt, you will get fatter and fatter This is my blood l experience highlight: [sugar / carbohydrate] = [net carbohydrate] = [carbohydrate] – [dietary fiber] for healthy slimming, [sugar] intake standard: [each meal < =20g] — Red List: low carbohydrate content black list: carbohydrate content, high drink this bottle, and you won’t eat…

    June 10, 2022 fitness
  • Want to lose weight? Teach you a few tricks

    1. Eat protein if you don’t make sure you eat some protein every day, such as salmon, eggs or bean products, it’s time to start eating. Studies have found that eating enough protein can maintain muscle mass while avoiding hunger. 2. Drink plenty of water you must already know the benefits of drinking more water, but do you know? A few glasses of water before eating every day can also help you lose weight! 3. Pay attention to your feelings the study found that those who are highly concerned about…

    June 9, 2022
  • How unreliable is the Internet celebrity diet?

    Source: Popular Science China

    June 9, 2022 fitness
  • How to lose weight correctly

    obesity does great harm to the body. It will not only affect the appearance, but also bring a lot of inconvenience to daily life. It is more likely to cause many complications, accelerate aging and even death the following are purely personal views. There are four points to lose weight. first point Get up in the morning and drink a cup of warm water first, which is conducive to bowel movement. second point Reasonable dietary collocation: to lose weight, you should not only eat fruits and vegetables, but also match…

    June 8, 2022