• Nowadays, the situation is complex and changeable, and the health monitoring watch is definitely the most distracting gift for elders during the New Year

    As we all know, the overall epidemic situation in China is developing rapidly. The epidemic situation is widespread, and some places are at risk of large-scale rebound. Some places are facing the most complex and severe situation in the past three years. Among them, the elderly are susceptible to COVID-19, and are also at high risk of severe disease or death. It is particularly important to know their own physical conditions in time. To this end, Tuanzi has prepared for the elders a new dido productG28S Prospecializing in health for…

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Use Hisense TV U8H to stay up late and chase the ball, Argentina will be promoted to the top four

    Argentina is in the top four! Please don’t believe that victory is as easy to get as the dandelion on the hillside, but please believe that there are always some beautiful things worth our all efforts. As Messi said,”Argentina should move forward step by step, and victory is ahead!” Last night, Hisense TV U8H stayed up late to chase the ball. It was really like a scalpel when Messi passed the ball. Hisense U8H carried the first 8K AI image chip in China to show first-rate effect# Hisense TV U8H…

    December 10, 2022
  • How does Cold Knowledge know the number of MacBook battery cycles?

    Apple’s new MacBook computers all use the latest M-series chips. The biggest feature of the new chips is energy efficiency. The energy efficiency of the Intel version is lower than that of the M-series, leading to increased battery loss. Now, let’s teach new users how to check your battery recycling times on the Mac. First enter Spotlight and input system information Press the power supply in the hardware again to know all the information about your MacBook battery

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Apple makes a decision! The iPhone 14 is not produced in China

    As the most profitable mobile device company in the world, every move of Apple will attract many people’s attention! From the company’s perspective, to occupy a place in Apple’s industrial chain means that its technology has been in the forefront of the industry; Moreover, Apple has created a lot of well paid jobs for OEM and IOS ecosystem employees, but in recent years, Apple’s business transformation has become the focus of people.   With the continuous rise of national wages and the rise of local mobile phone brands, India and…

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Inventory of Samsung mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor

    [1] Samsung Galaxy S21 Equipped with Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and Samsung 5nm process technology, the maximum main frequency is 2.84GHz, the parallel computing efficiency is greatly enhanced, and the performance is excellent, but the power consumption is overturned and the heat is very serious On the front is a 6.2 inch Samsung Dynamic AMOLED 2x flexible straight screen, which supports a 120Hz refresh rate. The color is more gorgeous, the display effect is more delicate, and the picture is silky and smooth 4000mAh battery, with 25W wired charging and…

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Planet Daily | Yang Ying’s VR fitness debut was launched on PICO; US FTC and Meta antitrust case trial

    VRAR planet A quick look at today’s news • Formal trial of antitrust case between FTC and Meta in the United States • Yang Ying’s first VR fitness live show will go online at PICO • Apple develops different AR/VR platforms based on its two systems • Steam platform VR classification is being cancelled • VR theme park Leeds spot will open in Leeds, UK • Apple’s new patent can view AR/VR head display lens parameters • VRChat enables VR social group chat • MOSS: BOOK II or TGA 2022…

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Maintenance Method of F1 Fault Code of Gree Air Conditioner

    Meaning of Gree air conditioner fault code: F series fault code refers to temperature sensor fault F1: Inner machine ambient temperature sensor F2: Inner tube temperature sensor F3: Outer unit ambient temperature sensor F4: External tube temperature sensor F5: Exhaust temperature sensor of external compressor Today, let’s talk about the causes and solutions of F1 fault codes: F1 may be due to the failure of the temperature sensing system of the air conditioner. It may also be that the temperature sensor of the air conditioner is broken. Of course, an…

    December 10, 2022
  • Grasp the pain points and improve the user experience in details

    In this era, PC has changed from a luxury product many years ago to an ordinary electronic product. It has to be acknowledged that with the development of Internet and other technologies, computers have become a productive existence The public’s attitude towards products is no longer cost-effective. If a product can be designed more carefully, which can bring users a better use experience, even if it costs more money, current users will not resist “If you want to break the homogenization of PC products, you must more clearly grasp the…

    December 10, 2022
  • Can you tell what the two big holes at the top of Xiaomi are?

    In recent days, I have seen a lot of pictures of Xiaomi 13 series, and I have commented on some of my needs under their articles. Anyway, there are various comments and replies. So I want to ask, does nobody really care about these? Or you really think that a machineThe camera is improved, waterproof, enough endurance, and the screen is up to standard.Don’t expect the sound quality and typing experience anymore Since 2019, in addition to the toothpaste pushing upgrade [focusing on the improvement of camera], major manufacturers have…

    December 10, 2022 digital