• Zhang Lanxin shared his personal experience of COVID-19, and revealed that the fever reached 39 ° 7, with pain and vomiting all over the body

    On the afternoon of December 11, actress Zhang Lanxin shared her COVID-19 treatment experience on a video platform. Unexpectedly, she was also unluckily recruited. Zhang Lanxin also wrote in a post:”Share some personal feelings. Some of them are not angry. Just listen to the general content. Come on, friends.”. It seems that Zhang Lanxin has not fully recovered, and she is not even angry when she speaks. It’s really painful. Sister, get better soon! In this appearance, Zhang Lanxin looks completely plain, and is probably also ill. Therefore, Zhang Lanxin…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • “The US military lost a B-2 bomber” and rushed to hot search! Don’t be too happy, it’s just damaged

    “The US military lost a B-2 bomber” and rushed to hot search! But when you open it, it is actually a B-2A”ghost” stealth bomber that encounters an emergency in flight. It is damaged on the runway when it lands in an emergency and then fires. The base fire brigade quickly extinguishes the fire, which is far from”loss”. This is probably the reason why the heat of the news has dropped rapidly after the hot search. It is only damaged rather than crashed. Many people will be disappointed, I don’t know…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • Notification on source sink area adjustment of nucleic acid detection service

    Notice of Source/Sink Region on Adjusting Normalized Nucleic Acid Detection Service (No. 203) According to the unified arrangement of the municipal normalized epidemic prevention and control headquarters, in order to continuously meet the diverse nucleic acid testing needs of the people in the area under jurisdiction, after research, since December 12 Since the further optimization and adjustment of the normalized nucleic acid detection service in the region, the relevant matters are notified as follows: 1、 Sampling time See the attached table for details 2、 Service object Permanent residents, temporary residents,…

    December 11, 2022
  • When the US and Australia harass the sea border, the PLA submarine is not afraid: not only does it not hide, but also borrows the enemy to sharpen its sword

    Wen/Feilao Eggplant In the face of the constant attacks on China’s sea borders and surveillance of our warships and ships by the US and Australia, the PLA submarine troops can be said to have a”great country style”: they are not afraid at all, but also take advantage of the enemy’s”sharpening” to train their troops. According to the report of Globegroup on December 10, the Chinese navy recently released more information about the submarine being”maliciously targeted” by foreign military aircraft During an ocean voyage, a Chinese navy submarine floated up for…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • The five super awesome X small functions hidden by WeChat will not be used at a loss

    Source: Zhongguancun Online We all know that WeChat is an indispensable chat tool for contemporary people, but few people know that, in addition to chatting, WeChat actually has many powerful functions, which can double your efficiency in daily chatting and office work. Now let’s share these functions with you. How many do you know? Picture text extraction: This function has just been updated by WeChat recently. The updated image extraction function is very powerful and easy to use. WeChat can directly select the words on the picture as long as…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • The new scam of health code and nucleic acid proof has appeared! Pay attention to these six points

    New scams of health code and nucleic acid certification have emerged Someone has been taken in Please be alert to the following multiple routines Routine 1: lie about”close contacts” The fraudster pretended to be an epidemic prevention worker and sent a phishing link message to the victim, falsely claiming that the victim was a close contact with the COVID-19 diagnosis personnel, and induced the victim to click the link to fill in personal information. Then, on the grounds of the large number of visits to the big data trip card…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • The success or failure of Bai Jingting and Tian Xiwei’s love play? “Qing Qing Daily” ratings dropped to the second place

    # Qing Qing Daily# “Qing Qing’s Daily Life” starring Bai Jingting and Tian Xiwei has received a lot of praise since it was first broadcasted. The audience were impressed by the comedy elements and feminism, and they couldn’t stop chasing the show. Some even said it was”the dark horse at the end of the year”. After half of the show, However, its popularity and reputation have changed a little First of all, the score dropped“Qing Qing Daily” Douban has a score of 7.6, which can be regarded as a middle…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • In Shandong, a woman with relatives and friends was caught driving 10 kilometers to steal apples

    In Shandong, a woman passed an orchard one day and saw that the apples in the orchard were very good, so she wanted to keep them for herself. Women not only steal by themselves, but also with their relatives and friends. In fact, the orchard is not close to the woman’s home, and you have to drive 10 kilometers to get there. When a woman went to the orchard to steal apples for the first time, she stole a big bag and picked some apples that were very big. A…

    December 11, 2022 digital
  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max is great, 8GB+4650mAh+45W, worthy of the title of “Machine King”

    You may not believe it. Apple’s market share in China is up to 25%. In October this year, Apple’s monthly market share in China reached 25%. Because the iPhone was released and launched in September, October is the full month of the release of the iPhone 14 series, which shows how popular the iPhone 14 series is. You should know that the main products of the iPhone are flagship products of more than 5000, and the old models are also more than 4000. This price segment can still achieve 25%…

    December 10, 2022 digital
  • Fans were very upset. The MacBook Pro bought for 21524 yuan was found to be a surveillance machine

    Have you ever seen such a computer? What the hell is remote management? In order to ensure the security of company data, larger companies do not necessarily have the relevant management software embedded in the computers they order with Apple. These computers are customized computers belonging to enterprises or companies. You may have heard that many people call this computer a supervisor. The company has the authority to control this computer. You need to enter the company account and password to use the supervised Mac. A fan bought a MacBook…

    December 10, 2022