• OPPO Find N 2 Flip has a high sense of sophistication. When OPPO Find N hears about the price collapse, the price is super awesome

    OPPO launched two folding screen phones this year. Find N2 is a horizontal folding design that we are very familiar with. Find N2 Flip adopts a new vertical folding design. In fact, there are many models of small folding mobile phones on the market, but there are many fatal weaknesses that make consumers unable to make up their minds to try. For example, the battery is too small, the range is poor, the crease is too large, and the performance is poor. Even if these weaknesses are placed on the…

    January 22, 2023
  • Why are design experts efficient? Yanxiu plug-in is necessary for mold design, revealing the whole process of installation

    Why is it so efficient for others to design a set of molds, because they have plug-ins! Today, we share the whole process of installing the necessary Yanxiu plug-in in injection mold design. Yanxiu plug-in is used very frequently and conveniently in our injection mold design, and is free of charge. If you want to get a plug-in for free, you cansend me a private letter! Trust me! Trust me It can be used to retrieve the mold embryo, glue feeding system, ejection system, cooling system, sliding block inclined roof,…

    January 20, 2023 digital
  • Another artifact hidden in a quark!

    Quark must be familiar to everyone. It’s already our old acquaintance. Too many partners call it a treasure app. Practice has proved that today’s Quark is really powerful. You can see the changes in its newly released Slogan, your efficient partner. Who can think of a test? The various functions in quarks really gave me unexpected performance. I must say that I need to have a new understanding of quarks. I have also told you before that on the surface, quark is a search app that can hide hidden secrets,…

    January 17, 2023 digital
  • What are the pits that were stepped on in the 16949 audit!

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    January 17, 2023 digital
  • Precautions for card sticking machine unlocking: Never apply for an eSIM card that is inconsistent with your mobile phone operator!

    Before starting, don’t be led by some mobile phone dealers on the network. When the blackmail will happen, the ICCID unlock will come soon, and so on. It will also give you the sales volume of Apple’s mobile phones, and Apple will open blackmail when the sales decline, Years of experience and intuition in the field of card stickers for digital cover rice: the blackout rate will probably drop out of the stage of history, so we should not have too high expectations (they are simply promoting to sell more…

    January 16, 2023 digital
  • Viruses are not unreachable. Check your computer and you may find them!

    A few years ago, USA Today released an estimate of malicious software damage, one of which caused an estimated loss of $10 billion. However, malicious code, that is, malicious software, seems to be ignored by many people. Many people feel that this kind of thing is beyond their reach, but in fact it is not. According to the public data, the Love Bug virus is transmitted by email. Once the attachment attached to the email is opened, it will automatically spread. It is one of the most widely spread viruses…

    January 13, 2023 digital
  • The first choice for purchasing machines on the New Year’s Day is the ASUS fearless series, which has excellent all-around configuration experience

    The new fearless Pro16 product, which was officially unveiled at CES 2023 this year, is innovatively equipped with 3.2K 120Hz bare-eye 3D OLED screen, achieving innovation and upgrading in multiple dimensions such as screen, performance and creative experience. The creators who have high demand for notebook products can not be missed, and the”waiting party” who has extreme demand for performance can also be expected. For daily office design users, it is recommended that the currently popular Asus Pro15 2022, which is equipped with 2.8K OLED Asus good screen, R7-6800H processor…

    January 12, 2023 digital
  • A large collection of 11 Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile phones has its advantages and disadvantages. Say goodbye to the difficulty of selection!

    This content comes from @ what is worth buying APP, and the view only represents the author | Author: Poisonous Mushroom 1UP Hello, I’m a poisonous mushroom~ I shared with you the large collection of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+mobile phones a while ago. From the perspective of popularity, everyone likes it very much. Until now, there are still comments and collections from friends. That article was written in August 22. Now Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon 8Gen2 platform, and major manufacturers have followed up. So the poisonous mushrooms naturally have to…

    January 12, 2023 digital
  • “Does the American attendant give the Chinese a dog tag?” Don’t deceive people too much. Countervailing measures are coming

    South Korea uses themilitary police to select passengers from China like prisoners. Each of themis forced to wear the yellow card customized for Chinese people on the Even foreign media can’t stand it. South Korea forces Chinese inbound passengers to wear yellow cards and sleep on the ground next to the trash can South Korea, as a popular destination for tourism in China, did not attract Chinese tourists after China’s comprehensive resumption of entry and exit, instead, it imposed yellow cards on inbound passengers The purpose of the yellow card…

    January 10, 2023 digital
  • What is the principle of bone conduction? Share some of the best bone conduction earphones in 2023

    In the era of high-tech, digital products have become indispensable items in our lives, and the most representative is earphones. Whether in daily or sports scenes, we usually choose earphones as partners in the process. In recent years, bone conduction earphones have become the focus of attention. Perhaps the name of bone conduction earphones is unfamiliar to some people. As a senior user of bone conduction earphones, I have written this article specially to help you understand bone conduction earphones and select bone conduction earphones that are more suitable for…

    January 10, 2023 digital