• Inuyasha: thoughts continue to precipitate through time and space

    Inuyasha’s popularity and audience are deep and wide. There is no doubt that the classic animation is classic because it connects the transmission of beautiful thoughts between people and can break some barriers with artistic techniques. What’s more, the jade of the four souls, the treasure sought from beginning to end, whether it is a purified jade or an evil jade depends on who has it. The half demon Inuyasha, dressed in red, with white hair and waist, is divided into special categories, making it between demons and people. He…

    May 7, 2022 comics
  • Will people who “cut their wrists” commit suicide “regret”? A cartoon tells you the truth

    Introduction: It is said that one person commits suicide and eight people attempt suicide every two minutes in China. I don’t quite understand why so many people, especially young women, like to cut their wrists. First of all, wrist cutting is not only painful, but also the success rate of suicide is not high. Another is that most people choose to cut their wrists to commit suicide, which is due to excessive blood loss and coma. The blood scabs after coma, but the brain becomes a vegetable due to ischemia…

    May 7, 2022 comics
  • Non human: immortal selfie doesn’t love dogs. Xing Tian made a horror film, but lie lie is playing guessing

    “Inhuman” is a very interesting domestic four grid funny cartoon, which tells the story of a group of immortals coming to human society to experience the life of mortals. Here we can see the life of immortals and monsters, and this alternative “ Personification ” Narration also adds a bit of urban fireworks to our traditional fairy tales! Although it is so literary and artistic as mentioned above, in the final analysis, “inhuman” is still a film full of “ Cliche ” The experience of entertaining immortals living in the…

    May 7, 2022 comics
  • One of the classics of free country! Do you really know it?

    From “ There is a fish in Beiming. Its name is Kun. Kun is so big that I don’t know it’s thousands of miles away; Start with “ In ancient times, those who had Ailanthus altissima took 8000 years as spring and 8000 years as autumn ” The end of the, by heart, some regrets, some moved, some feelings. The film attempts to show the artistic conception and wisdom of “free travel” in an aesthetic way, and reinterpret it with a love across time and space. The sincerity of this…

    May 7, 2022 comics