Apple doesn’t know how to hide your pay function

Small partners with iPhone believe that many people don’t know about small functions

Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile payment, many small partners do not carry cash when they go out, but in some places, some scenes only support cash payment or bank card swiping. Today, I’ll give you a move to withdraw money from the ATM self-service ATM with iPhone.

1. First make sure that the NFC function of our iPhone is turned on (settings – General – NFC)

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

2. Click “ on the ATM self-service ATM; Other media free transactions ”

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

3. Select “ Mobile pay / non card receiving ”

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

4. Select “ Withdrawal ”

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

5. Enter the withdrawal amount. Here I withdraw 900 and click “ Confirm ”

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

6. Open the wallet on the iPhone, select the bank card for withdrawal, and then press the power button twice to unlock the face. After unlocking, close the back of the phone to the ATM

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

7. Finally, enter the withdrawal password

 Apple pay hidden functions you don't know

I use China Merchants Bank card and industrial and Commercial Bank of China ATM self-service ATM here. As long as the bank card has UnionPay logo, you can withdraw money from any bank ATM. Guys, go and try it

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