What are the “hidden rules” on the table?

1: The leader asked you to say two words. Don’t really say two words.

2: The leader asked you to urge the dishes. Don’t really just urge the dishes.

3: The leader asks you to drink. Don’t really just drink.

4: Be alert to the last person to leave the liquor store.

5: At the wine table, people are not afraid of bad things, but are afraid of bad people. They should improve information communication to avoid being targeted by people using information gap.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

6: At the wine table, stay away from the people who urge you to drink. The people who advise you to drink may be trying to target you or lose face when drunk.

7: The more important the meal is, the more difficult it is to hold the last piece of meat in the dish, which gives a small impression of personality.

8: Don’t try to persuade”blushing” people to drink.

9: Don’t believe in”feeling deep and feeling stuffy” on the wine table. Don’t believe in feelings on the wine table.

10: Don’t drink when driving. If you really want to drink, you must take a taxi or find a substitute. Your safety is the respect for the host.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

11: Too many people at the table try to trick you into saying something that looks”sincere”. Don’t be told the secret in your heart or the company’s secret.

12: Don’t take photos for dinner at work.

13: At the company’s party, it is certain that the leaders will also”simply say two sentences”, and will basically make a long speech, either bragging or drawing a pie. At this time, don’t be distracted, just don’t look down and listen, don’t chat, look left and right.

14: Any”secret” heard at the liquor store should be rotten in your heart. Don’t mention it to anyone. If someone asks you later, you must be confused.

15: It is better not to participate in”complaints” at company gatherings. People who have a heart will certainly take advantage of the dissatisfaction with the system and leaders.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

16: Don’t order too much when others treat you. It’s better to let someone order.

17: Remember not to take a third person to the party. This kind of greedy practice will lead to no friends.

18: At the party, you must not force yourself to drink wine. You must be able to pretend.

19: In the wine bureau, there are always people who want to show themselves, especially after drinking wine, they can’t tell.

20: In the wine bureau, the later the leaders’ promises are, the more they can’t be trusted. If there is a promise, it will not be said in the wine bureau.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

21: People who drink with great standards must be careful. These people have really strong self-control.

22: When leaders communicate with each other, don’t give a toast. It’s not good for everyone to interrupt hastily.

23: Only on the table can we know more clearly the relationship between colleagues, the factions between leaders, and the contradictions. We should be a distracted observer.

24: When having a dinner party, people who always shout to check out for a long time and do not move, actually want to save face and do not want to spend money.

25: It’s better not to go to a dinner party where too many members of the opposite sex attend. Don’t make a fool of yourself if you drink too much.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

26: Men must not persuade girls to drink. It makes people feel that there is no wine. It is easy to have accidents when drunk.

27: Don’t sit next to the leader at the wine table. It’s easy to be stopped by toasting.

28: Classmate gatherings are the most prone to emotional problems. You must look after your husband after marriage.

29: Even if you are hungry, don’t be the first to move your chopsticks. Everyone is watching.

30: If a girl wants to drink wine, she must ask her family to send it. Don’t let her male colleagues and friends send it home. I don’t know where to send it.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

31: Don’t drink together if you have a common relationship. It’s easy to have a quarrel. It’s not safe to use the strength of the wine.

32: If a woman doesn’t drink, she should never carry the cup. She must finish the cup when she carries it.

33: When drinking in the workplace, you must go to the toilet more often.

34: When toasting, you must follow the order and don’t pick the toast. The person who has been skipped must hold a grudge.

35: Watch carefully. A person who pours a lot of wine for others must be careful.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

36: Don’t smoke at the table where there are women. It would be very indecent to make a mess.

37: If someone asks you to join the wine party halfway, you must not go. Either there is a routine waiting for you or you are looking for the wrong guy.

38: Don’t let others perform programs at the wine bar to enliven the atmosphere.

39: Don’t persuade people who are blushing to drink.

40: Brothers and sisters are always in the liquor store. The more kind people are called, the more hypocritical they are. Such people can’t make friends with each other.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

41: You must always understand that the real key person is the one who dominates the liquor business. You have to make friends with this kind of people.

42: There is mainly an atmosphere in the liquor store, so don’t eat and drink in silence. It will be very special.

43: People who are always elated at the table and talk about glory, if they are not leaders, will generally fall in a straight line.

44: The number of seats in the wine bureau is very important. If you don’t understand, you can ask. It is easy to offend people if you sit too early or sit in the wrong position.

45: Student gatherings are not ostentatious, they are ostentatious, and there is no common language. They always pretend to look forward to the future. It is meaningless to recall the past. It is better not to go.

What are the "hidden rules" on the table?

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