Why are 1000 yuan hotels popular? The three hidden “services” are unexpected and have a strong sense of experience

it has to be said that the emergence of hotels has helped many small partners to solve the problems of check-in. However, small partners will also choose hotels reasonably according to their own needs.

some of them will choose ordinary B & B, some of them will directly stay in Hotels with high cost performance. Of course, many rich local tyrants will stay in presidential suites.

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according to relevant statistics, it is found that the price of the presidential suite is very expensive.

it may reach tens of thousands of yuan in the peak season, and it usually costs more than 1000 yuan.

I don’t know if you will be surprised at this moment, but this is the case.

 Why are Hotels with 1000 yuan popular? The three hidden

however, many small partners may ask: is there any special service in such a large amount of money?

in fact, for many small partners, they can really enjoy many services when staying in the presidential suite.

after all, it is a star hotel, and the noble service among VIPs.

general partners can experience the butler service when checking in the presidential suite.

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in short, it means that customers can handle all things at the moment of check-in.

 Why are Hotels with 1000 yuan popular? The three hidden

there is also a housekeeper who can serve you 1-to-1. For example, he can arrange corresponding staff for you and record relevant living habits for you.

in fact, when more and more children are staying in the presidential suite, if they have any special needs, the staff of the presidential suite will arrange them one by one.

 Why are Hotels with 1000 yuan popular? The three hidden

secondly, when staying in the presidential suite, the partners can also match business packages, such as arranging the meeting room reasonably, even realizing the possibility of brushing their faces, and effectively protecting their privacy.

it must be said that these services are difficult to see in ordinary hotels.

but now it has been favored by many small partners, so it can be imagined that the presidential suite is worthy of recognition.

although its price is relatively high, it has many hidden services, which is also worth it.

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