If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

Today, the possibility of peaceful reunification of Taiwan has become increasingly low. The main reason why we didn’t make the final decision to take decisive measures is that we didn’t gain the absolute advantage of the Taiwan Strait region in order to protect our compatriots from the war to the maximum extentOf course, even if peaceful reunification is achieved in the future, the United States and Europe will not give up. I’m afraid a new round of struggle has just begun.

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

First, why peaceful reunification is becoming more and more difficult

Whether the two sides can be reunified peacefully can be analyzed from three aspects:First, Taiwan has long been economically dependent on the mainland, which makes Taiwan dare not easily break its face. At the same time, businessmen who contact both sides of the Taiwan Strait may not want to reunify in order to maintain their ties. Second, Taiwan has long received military assistance and arms sales from the United States, and has made great progress in its armed forces, which cannot be underestimated. The possibility of rejecting reunification by military force is increasing. Third, Taiwan has been implementing”de-chinesization” in education, news and culture for a long time. Taiwan’s national identity is getting worse and worse. The new generation of”natural independence” is shocking. If it is allowed to develop, the great cause of reunification will be destroyed. Fourth, Taiwan’s political independence has become more and more powerful. In order to please the United States, Japan and Europe, the United States, Japan and Europe have no choice but to use their utmost, while the power of the United States has been declining. Even some of the original United States have become”hidden independence” and”peaceful independence”. Fifth, against the backdrop of the deterioration of Sino-US relations, Taiwan’s political circles will also become the vanguard of anti-China out of the desire to”show loyalty” to the United States

In terms of politics, economy, culture, military affairs and international relations, the possibility of peaceful reunification of Taiwan is becoming smaller and smaller

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

But the possibility of peaceful reunification is not non-existent. Because when the mainland side gains the absolute advantage of the Taiwan Strait region, can completely block the sea and air channels in the Taiwan region, and reject any foreign interference forces, the vast majority of Taiwan people will”embroider the red flag overnight”, as Huang Zhixian said. At that time, peaceful reunification based on force will become a reality.

Of course, we do not rule out another situation, that is, we have not yet obtained the absolute advantage in force, but Taiwan can also return to the motherland through peaceful negotiations. Although this possibility is small, it is worth looking forward to.

Second, what are the reactions of Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to the peaceful reunification of Taiwan

At present, the United States and its allies are playing the Taiwan card more and more excessively, and the United States continues to engage in affairs around Taiwan. The last speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi visited Taiwan, and this speaker of the House of Representatives McCarthy wanted to visit Taiwan just after taking office. This is an obvious provocation. This is to let China have a civil war when it is not fully prepared and reunify Taiwan by force.

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

If we achieve peaceful reunification of Taiwan in the future, how will the United States and European countries react? They have about three strategies. The best policy is to recognize China’s victory, live in peace and mutual benefit with China, and jointly create a better tomorrow for mankind; China’s policy is to impose blockade, sanctions and containment on China and force China to comply with international pressure, as it did after 1949; The best policy is to continue to interfere with China, continue to destroy China, continue to bury nails in Taiwan, and continue to do things, just as Hong Kong has done since the return of Hong Kong to the promulgation of the new national security law.

It must be recognized that the most favorable strategy for the United States and Europe is the first. However, arrogance and prejudice will probably make them choose the best policy, and the worst is the best. Because it is more difficult to let these arrogant white people admit that the Chinese are the best people in the world than to kill them.

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

Third, how do we deal with it

After the peaceful reunification of Taiwan, we must garrison in Taiwan and put the command force ahead. Based on the island of Taiwan, it reaches Ryukyu, Japan and even Aleutian Aslaga, and the Philippines, the island countries of the Western Pacific and even Australia; East to Guam, Hawaii, and even the west coast of the United States.

Only China’s sword can protect China’s ploughChina’s military strength and defense frontier should not be limited to territorial waters and airspace, but directly reach China’s interests frontier. Where there are Chinese businessmen, there is Chinese power; Where there are Chinese investors, there are Chinese forces; Where there are Chinese nationals, there are Chinese forces

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

China’s recovery of Taiwan means that the great cause of China’s reunification has been basically completed, and also means that China’s great power has entered a new stage. As Emperor Hanwu said“Kou can go, I can go!” The Chinese army can go where the American army can go. The United States dares to come to China to do things, and China will also use equal means to deal with him

After the recovery of Taiwan, we may need to face Taiwan’s military penetration, military provocation, espionage, economic destruction, diplomatic confrontation and other attacks. At that time, we must be fully prepared. The United States will do whatever it dare to do to us!

If Taiwan is reunified peacefully, will the western countries run riot on the spot? How should we deal with it?

How do you think we should view the issue of peaceful reunification? Welcome to comment in the comment area!

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