What about shaking hands?

Hand shaking due to nervousness is generally a normal physiological reaction of the human body. For example, if you make a speech or perform in front of many people, you may shake your hands due to nervousness. Nervous emotions can stimulate the central nervous system, and may cause symptoms such as hand shaking, heart rate acceleration, sweating, etc. Usually, they can be relieved by themselves after the mood has stabilized, without special treatment, and can also be relieved by some small tricks.

1. Deep breathing: You can usually relieve the shaking of hands due to nervousness by deep breathing. You can take a deep breath first, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Taking a deep breath can effectively help alleviate this emotion;

2. Self-suggestion: The symptoms of hand shaking due to physiological tension can usually be alleviated by psychological adjustment, and small tricks include psychological suggestion. For example, if you tell yourself to avoid thinking about the source of tension, and suggest that you don’t need to be nervous, you can write in the palm of your hand and other behavioral cues;

3. Diversion of attention: It can also divert attention, such as changing the environment, or doing some favorite things, such as sports, watering flowers, writing, painting, etc., to divert attention to disperse and relieve tension, and help to avoid shaking hands;

4. Other: Massage is also a small trick to relieve the symptoms, such as rubbing, rubbing hands, etc., which can promote blood circulation and relieve the symptoms of tension and shaking hands. It can also communicate with others, train the source of your own tension, and relieve nervousness and trembling.

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