When the child’s stool suddenly stinks, parents and grandparents should be vigilant

Today, our sister’s children use our bathroom, and the baby is only over 3 years old. After she finished, I nearly smoked it out as soon as I went in. This is obviously abnormal. After reviewing the relevant data, we found that the following reasons may cause this situation.

1. Diet: Eating some foods that cause odor, such as garlic, onions, leeks and alcoholThis is easy to eliminate. Just ask. If this is the reason, it can be completely ignored.

2. Intestinal flora imbalance: It may be caused by lifestyle, diet, medical problems or drug effects. For example, I suddenly changed my living environment. For example, when the children of her sister’s family are with her grandpa, they work and eat normally. It is easy to have this kind of situation if you go home on weekends and have crazy games, eat untimely and sleep untimely. The imbalance of flora can be observed by taking probiotics for 1-2 days, which is usually less urgent

3. Food indigestion: food residue may rot in the intestines, resulting in bad stool. This situation can also be solved by taking probiotics normally. Therefore, it is recommended to take probiotics for 1-2 days to see how the reaction is. If it does not return to normal, it is necessary to consider medical examination, because it is most likely caused by the following two conditions

When the child's stool suddenly stinks, parents and grandparents should be vigilant

4. Intestinal diseases: such as diarrhea, constipation, intestinal inflammation and intestinal tumors

5. Intestinal infection: such as enterovirus, bacteria and parasite infection

To sum up, if your child has abnormal stool odor, you can eat probiotics or yoghurt containing probiotics first (pay attention not to buy yoghurt, which is just a drink), and observe the situation for two days. If there is no improvement, you’d better go to a doctor in time. Check clearly and eliminate hidden dangers. In short, don’t be too nervous at first, because this is not acute and intense; Don’t take it lightly, because there may really be related diseases, early detection and early resolution.

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