American space West Ford program

The United States has launched 480 million copper needles into space. This launch has strong reflection ability on the X-band and has a serious impact on the electromagnetic wave environment of other countries. Moreover, these 480 million steel needles occupy a large number of orbits and compress human exploration of space in the future

 American space West Ford program

NASA said that these steel needles will not exist for a long time. They will leave orbit and fall into the earth’s atmosphere under the action of solar radiation in about three years. Is this really the case

However, these steel needles form a ring around the earth to ensure uninterrupted communication. The United States claims that these steel needles will fall into the atmosphere in about three years after launch. However, five years later, only 40% of the steel needles have fallen into the atmosphere, and nearly 300 million steel needles are still floating in space

 American space West Ford program

More than 50 years have passed since the West Ford program of the United States. There are still 50 million to 150 million steel needles in space. They are distributed at an altitude of 3500 to 3800 kilometers, which still pose a certain threat to many earth orbiting satellites

 American space West Ford program

These steel needles are in low earth orbit, and there are spacecraft and satellites of various countries in low earth orbit. Although these steel needles can not pierce the satellite shell, they are enough to destroy solar cells, communication antennas or weak links of the satellite. The number is so huge that they are like time bombs in low earth orbit

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