I am a female, undergraduate. My boyfriend has junior high school education and is digging machines at the construction site. At present, he costs 5000 yuan a month. Can they walk down?

If two people are happy, I will marry him. Why not.

11. Excerpted from”The 19th Chapter of the History of Civilization”

If two people are happy with each other, they will be able to go on and grow old. Let me tell a true story:

When I was in junior high school, there was a female chemistry teacher who graduated from a normal college. Her husband was a factory worker. It is said that the two were neighbors, but they didn’t guess since childhood. When they grow up, women go to college and men go to factories. A middle school teacher and an ordinary worker finally came together. At that time, people said: Can it last?

As the saying goes, husband and wife are birds in the same forest. They fly separately when the disaster comes.

In front of true love, this sentence doesn’t work. In the early 1970s, the female teacher was criticized for saying wrong words and then sent to the rural farm for labor reform. Every Sunday, the man rides a bicycle and carries his son to visit the city, rain or shine for eight years, until the woman returns to the city.

In the most difficult time, thanks to her husband who really loved her, she summoned her courage to live. She not only didn’t fall down, but also studied chemistry textbooks. After the rehabilitation, she became one of the best teachers on campus.

The wind and water take turns. In the 1990s, women became teachers with”senior titles”, while men were laid off. The woman is the backbone of the family, while the man is still quietly serving as her good”logistics”.

After thirty or forty years of ups and downs, the two retired and are still close together

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