Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

It is not my boast that Israel’s best efforts are not as good as the real military power.

The United States, the world’s largest power, has 1.38 million standing troops alone. As a small country with a population of only 8 million, Israel may not have this force under the extreme mobilization.

At the same time, the real military power, the United States, has a complete set of war system, and has created an integrated and coordinated operation mode of land, sea, air and space in the course of war.

As for the various advanced weapons and equipment developed for this combat system, it is even more numerous. The F-22 stealth fighter F-35 stealth fighter is used to penetrate and gain air control in the battlefield, the A-10 attack aircraft is used to counter ground armored targets, the B-2 long-range bomber is used to accurately bomb the enemy, the GPS navigation system provides positioning, and so on.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

Although Israel also has the 5th generation stealth fighter and can use the GPS navigation system, don’t forget that this is not his own. It needs the full support of the United States, or it will be blind.

In addition to the United States, China, the main strategic opponent of the United States, is transforming from an information-based force to an intelligent force, with almost the same battlefield perception and control capabilities as the United States.

Even Russia, which is slightly weaker, is not comparable to Israel in terms of military size and research and development of cutting-edge weapons.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

(Russian military)

Moreover, the three countries not only have a large number of active forces, but can easily mobilize tens of millions of people if necessary, and rely on their own industrial base to obtain nearly unlimited weapons production capacity.

Even as a small country, Israel’s efficiency in organization and mobilization cannot be compared with that of a real military power.

As we all know, the difficulty of organization and mobilization will have a boundary effect due to the change of scale. The difficulty of organization and mobilization of hundreds of millions of people is not 100 times more than that of millions of people, but is likely to be thousands of times more.

China, with a population of 1.4 billion, can basically do as much as it can in terms of mobilization and organization, but Israel, at the level of tens of millions, can’t do that. It’s too bad.

Considering the impact of population gap and border effect, the mobilization level of Israel is estimated to be equivalent to 1/100000 of that of China.

See, putting Israel in front of these real military powers is like putting a fierce cat with a few kilograms in front of a tiger with a few hundred kilograms. The cat can paste it onto the wall with a single slap.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

Even if we don’t compare with the world’s top powers, even if we put Israel in the monster room of East Asia, I’m afraid that the military capabilities of several other countries, except Mongolia, in terms of conventional fire are far superior to Israel.

I don’t mean to despise Israel here. I just want to say that the evaluation of Israel’s strength must focus on its population size. As a small country, its natural weakness in scale determines that the upper limit will not be too high.

Without preconditions, it is not objective to call Israel a military power, and it is not fair to Israel. It will make people feel that Israel is no better than others everywhere.

If Israel is a military power among tens of millions of people, it is much more objective.

This is like a kitten. Although it can’t compete with a tiger, it is also very powerful among its peers if it can fight first. Israel is such a country.

Among countries with a population of 10 million, Israel is definitely the first.

Israel is the only country with a population of 10 million who can mobilize more than 700000 troops in two weeks;

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

He is also the country with the largest number of 5th generation stealth fighters among the world’s population of 10 million;

He is also the only country with medium-range missiles among a population of 10 million;

It is the only country with nuclear weapons among a population of 10 million.

In addition, Israel has a relatively complete military production system, which can ensure the continuous supply of weapons and equipment in the early stage of the war depending on its own capabilities. After many years of construction, Israel’s weapons, especially light weapons, are widely known in the world and have become an important source of export for Israel.

These are all worthy of recognition. It has been proved that Israel is a very powerful military country in the same level of population.

Why can Israel become a military power

At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of Israel, it can be said that the industrial base of Israel was almost zero, and there was even no regular army. The first Middle East War was almost won by the militia.

Half a century later, Israel has not only become the only developed country in the Middle East, but also one of the countries with the strongest military strength in the Middle East. Such brilliant achievements can not be achieved without Israel’s own efforts, the help of the global Jews, and the support of the major powers.

Help from Jews around the world

The Jewish nation has been wandering for more than 2000 years, and has been oppressed by the western world for more than 2000 years. It made the Jewish nation realize that it must have a homeland of its own, and the famous Zionist movement came into being.

After the end of World War II, with the support of the United States, Britain and other countries, Jews were able to establish a state in the Palestinian area. Since then, Jews from all over the world have tried their best to help this country survive, develop and become strong, and have provided all possible help.

For example, after the outbreak of the War on the 6th, American Jews supported Israel through demonstrations and petitions, and even mobilized American congressmen to support Israel. They also organized and mobilized Jews to support Israel through donations and bond purchases.

It raised $3 million in Cleveland in one day, $1 million in St. Louis, and $100 million for Israel in one month after the war broke out. During the war, Israel issued US $500 million (equivalent to 440 tons of gold) of bonds overseas, most of which were purchased by Jews.

Help from big countries

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Israel has actively sought the help of major powers outside the region, of which the assistance of the United States and Germany is the most critical.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, the two countries have continued to cooperate in politics, economy, defense, science and technology, culture and other fields. Former German Chancellor Merkel even claimed that”Israel’s security will always be the central issue of the German government”

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?


Therefore, 80% of the people in Israel today are satisfied with the relationship between the two countries.

The help of the United States is even more indispensable.

The United States’ military assistance to Israel began in 1949, and the military cooperation between the two countries began in 1952. After 1967, the United States’ security and military assistance to Israel became permanent. By 1985, the United States decided to provide Israel with a grant of $3 billion a year to maintain security and purchase military equipment.

According to statistics, US assistance to Israel accounts for 55% of US assistance to the world and 18% of Israel’s military budget, with a total amount of more than 200 billion US dollars.

In addition to financial assistance, the United States has kept most of its sophisticated weapons and equipment open to Israel, and even helped develop Israel’s own weapons system.

According to statistics, the United States has contributed more than US $1 billion to Israel’s development of the Iron Dome system and provided Israel with a variety of advanced equipment, including F-35 fighters.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

Moreover, it is unlikely that Israel will be the first overseas user of the most advanced F-22 fighter aircraft in the United States in the future.

The United States is even more helpful in diplomacy. Although the United States strongly opposes the possession of nuclear weapons by other countries, it remains silent about Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons.

Israel’s own efforts

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Israel has been under siege from neighboring countries. In order to gain a foothold in the local area and even expand its living space, Israel has established a very complete military mobilization system and military industry system.

Every healthy Israeli Jew has the responsibility to serve in the army after reaching adulthood. After retirement, most of them will automatically serve as a reserve, and will also receive a certain amount of military training every year. This ensures that although the total force of Israel is less than 200000, there is a reserve force of more than 500000 who can go to the battlefield at any time.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

At the same time, Israel has also set up military stations around the world. Once a large-scale war breaks out, it can organize Jews from all over the world to return to participate in the war through these military stations.

Among them, the tenacity is 20000 professional officers, who can help hundreds of thousands of reserve officers form combat effectiveness in a few days.

After many years of construction, Israel’s military industry system has initially taken shape. At present, exports alone have reached several billion dollars each year.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

(Uz submachine gun developed by Israel)

This is mainly due to the fact that the Israeli government has regarded the national defense industry as the foundation of the country for a long time. The annual investment in the national defense industry accounts for about half of the total industrial investment, making the national defense industry the most important part of Israel’s industry.

At the same time, Israel relies on its relations with western countries to vigorously introduce various advanced weapons and equipment and try to achieve localization. Even in some cases, Israel also used informal means to acquire military technology. For example, after France terminated its cooperation with Israel in the 1960s, the Israeli intelligence agency stole the full set of manufacturing drawings of French Phantom fighter and engine, and then developed the Puppy Fighter with the help of the United States.

Why can Israel become a military power because of its small size and small population?

(Lion fighter)

After years of development, although Israel today is not comparable to the world-class military power, it has also become the leader of the countries at the same level, and its strength is still acceptable.

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