Are thieves hateful? Has anyone around you been stolen?

Although the thief is poor and has little income, his behavior is shameful. This is a theft for nothing.

At the end of the year, every household in our rural areas will have bacon and sausage.

One of our relatives bought more than 500 yuan of meat and poured seven or eight sausages. When the sun came out, they dried the sausages at the door and went to work. When they came back in the evening, where there were sausages, they cried with anger. It took half a day to buy meat, taste and make, and the heart was cold. Are you angry?

Are thieves hateful? Has anyone around you been stolen?

Once upon a time, a family in our village had a sausage stolen. They resented it and wanted to find the thief.

The second time, he bought some more. This time, he mixed a small amount of rat poison to let the thief take it.

He dried the sausages at the door, carried a hoe on his shoulder, and went to work far away.

The village was quiet, the students went to school, and the labor force of every household went to the ground.

He came back very late, and sure enough, the sausage was stolen again. This time, he was not worried at all. He thought that he really wanted to come to light soon.

Two days later, it came out that Zhou, a curious and lazy bachelor man in a neighboring village, had a sudden illness at night, vomiting and diarrhea, and was rushed to the hospital. After four or five days of treatment, he was rescued.

Both of them knew that Zhou only said that he had eaten unclean food. How could he be ashamed to say that he had stolen someone else’s sausage before he became ill?

The thief is hateful. The owner is too much. Fortunately, no one died.

Are thieves hateful? Has anyone around you been stolen?

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