Who was Gao Qiqiang’s last call at the end of the storm?

Who was Gao Qiqiang’s last call at the end of the storm?

A: It doesn’t matter who Gao Qiqiang called the last time at the end of the TV frenzy. He tried to save his death because he was too self-confident. No one could save his life for committing crimes and killing others. Don’t worry about who to call. I won’t call you or me anyway, because you and I are not worth mentioning in front of Gao Qiqiang.

Who was Gao Qiqiang's last call at the end of the storm?

The TV drama”Rapids” is a realistic horror film in the coat of idealism. The characters in the drama are alternately complicated, and the wonderful plot fully reflects the justice, officialdom, and power and money transactions of the mafia in real life.

If you shoot according to the plot of the original novel, it is estimated that the 39-level”Rapids” cannot be finished because it is too dark and true. Finally, the director deleted part of the plot to avoid the risk of being off the shelf.

Who was Gao Qiqiang's last call at the end of the storm?

What is the story in the drama of the storm? What enlightenment does it bring to our life?

This play shows a truth that good and evil will be rewarded in the end. The right way in the world is vicissitudes. We should be able to withstand temptation and stick to our bottom line and principles. At the same time, it also brings enlightenment to people’s resistance to the evil forces and their adherence to justice.

On the surface, I want to make a soul core that pursues justice and truth, but in the end, I just make a wolf in a coat.

Who was Gao Qiqiang's last call at the end of the storm?

Finally, Gao Qiqiang deserved the punishment of the law. He deserved his death because he carried too many lives and worked as a corrupt cadre.

There is evidence in front of the law. Even so, without sufficient evidence, Gao Qiqiang may still be at large. He never dreamed that a wrong decision destroyed him. At that time, Chen Shuting warned him, but he did not listen, and finally the retribution really came.

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