Which sentence of the opposite sex is most intriguing?

I have been married for more than 20 years, and I have just touched my husband’s seven inches in these years. It’s really unexpected that a cranky man is so easy to handle. If I say”brother”, he will surrender even if he is angry. If I say”brother” in a smaller voice, and add a word”brother”, he will be crisp immediately. I can’t wait to hold it in your palm, and I won’t let you cook.

Like this evening, when I saw the hot and sour noodles made by others in Tiktok, I really wanted to eat them. I was afraid that I would fail to make them, so I dragged my daughter to ask him to do it. To tell the truth, he is usually very opposed to our eating this, saying that it is easy to get angry. I made an appointment with my daughter. When I came to him, I kissed his left face, and his daughter kissed his right face. I bowed my head and called my brother, and my daughter called my father. He pretended to be angry and pushed us away and turned to the kitchen… I applauded with my daughter, and the hot and sour powder was ready to eat.

Which sentence of the opposite sex is most intriguing?

Seriously, if a man is coaxed, it’s better than anything. Just like tonight, I sat there with my daughter and waited to eat. I didn’t do anything. I was a little embarrassed, but what could I do? A brother’s cry made me feel good, and I wouldn’t even let a scallion peel, so I would bring it in person when it was ready.

So, I think that in a family, as well as between husband and wife, the taste of life is really important. A relaxed home can give people more happiness experience.

Which sentence of the opposite sex is most intriguing?

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