Apple wwdc22 official announcement: officially held on June 7

In recent years, the number of mobile phone releases has been growing, and the market competition has become more and more fierce. While the number of new mobile phone releases has increased, many netizens have started to roast about too many system problems. In order to increase the release of new phones, many brands ignore the update and development of the system. The system, as the top priority of mobile phones, has a direct impact on the normal use of users in any aspect. As we all know, apple mobile phone can always develop so stably without the credit of the system. Apple’s three advantages are system, chip and ecology. Although Apple does not release many new phones every year, it ranks second in global smartphone shipments.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

Subsequently, from 2020, many brands began to pay attention to the development of mobile phone systems. Vivo, oppo and other brands have launched their own new operating systems based on Android. Of course, Huawei directly developed its own system in an all-round way, directly separated from Android system and became the third largest mobile operating system. However, compared with apple, there is still a certain distance. Apple is not only independent in the system, but also forms a relatively perfect ecological chain. For example, tablet, laptop, smart watch and other devices have their own systems and can communicate with each other.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

In the early stage, apple officially announced the wwdc22 global developer conference in 2022. On May 25, it officially issued an invitation and officially held this year’s global developer conference on June 7. This global developer conference is the same as the last one, which focuses on the system and focuses on “ In place on the code ” Is a keyword. At the same time, the poster also mentioned the relevant contents of the global developer conference, such as the latest software and technology, which should be integrated into a new generation of systems, such as IOS 16, iPad os16 and so on.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

Another message in the poster is that there are five different animated characters with different colors, which should be related to the press conference. Some digital bloggers said that it should update five systems, namely IOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, TV OS and wctch OS. Perhaps, the update of the system is inevitable. Instead, we are more concerned about what new functions and technologies Apple will launch in this press conference.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

From the annual global developer conference, we understand the importance of apple to the system, and some Android phones have also begun to hold global developer conferences in recent years. There must be enough highlights to hold such a major developer conference, otherwise it will be another talk on paper. Although Android phones are based on the Android system at the bottom, the operating system can be optimized according to their own needs. Some brands have the same bottom system, but they can’t be as smooth as other brands.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

Finally, the future mobile phone market is not based on quantity, but on quality. Many netizens roast that some brands have been continuously releasing new machines, but there are often problems in the system, such as the card screen, weak signal, software jumping out and so on. In fact, there is no need for major brands to release too many new machines. Apple and Samsung do not release too many new machines in the whole year, but the shipment is much higher than that of other mobile phone brands. Therefore, too many new machine releases do not mean too many shipments.

 Apple wwdc22 official announcement: on June 7, it was officially held

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