Qualcomm: it will adhere to the diversified OEM strategy and pay attention to the business cooperation conditions of Intel OEM

 Qualcomm: it will adhere to the diversified OEM strategy and pay attention to the Intel OEM business cooperation conditions

on May 29, Qualcomm CFO Akash palkhiwala recently said at JPMorgan Chase’s annual TMT conference that in the future, it will continue to implement a diversified OEM strategy. For example, Intel’s technology roadmap will be implemented smoothly and appropriate OEM business cooperation conditions can be provided. Qualcomm will also be open to cooperation.

 Qualcomm: it will adhere to the diversified OEM strategy and pay attention to the Intel OEM business cooperation conditions

Qualcomm said that it has adhered to a diversified OEM strategy for a long time, effectively coping with the rising OEM prices in the past few years, and will continue to adhere to a diversified OEM strategy in the future. Secondly, Qualcomm has been able to deal with this problem from the perspective of profit margin. Therefore, Qualcomm’s future strategy will remain unchanged and will continue to do what they have already done.

in the long run, we may be one of the few large semiconductor companies with leading edge in dual sourcing. We have used TSMC and Samsung, and our orders in these two areas will change over time. There is no fundamental change in this strategy, is there?

palkhiwala said he was glad to see Intel.”I mean, if they implement the technology roadmap and can provide us with their technology on the right commercial terms, we will also be interested in them. Therefore, you should expect us to cooperate with all leading OEM suppliers, and we can balance the technical and commercial terms well before.”

previously, Intel publicly stated that it had reached a cooperation with Qualcomm on the Intel 20A process node. According to Intel’s introduction, the Intel 20A process will adopt the new ribbonfet and powervia technologies and is planned to be mass produced in the first half of 2024. In addition, Intel 18a process may also be mass produced in the second half of 2024. Intel CEO Kissinger recently disclosed that his Intel 18a process has also found customers.

as for when the supply chain may return to normal, palkhiwala said that Qualcomm has always insisted that the supply will improve in the second half of 2022, and still holds the same view later this year. He stressed that more consideration should be given to keeping supply in line with demand.

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