Super space carrier ushers in the space age

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A sci-fi version of the super aerospace carrier

At the 13th Zhuhai Air Show, the model of”Luan Bird 2″ super aerospace strategic aircraft carrier with a very sci-fi shape was displayed. According to the description of the display board, Phoenix 2 is 242 meters long, with a wingspan of 682 meters and a maximum lift-off weight of 122900 tons. Its orbit entry altitude is 42000 kilometers, and no anti-satellite missile in the world can reach this altitude. Because there is no air resistance, its flight speed can be as high as 25 times the speed of sound, and it can reach any corner of the earth in real time to fight, making the enemy unable to respond.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Model of Phoenix II aircraft carrier

Let’s take a look at its weapon equipment, which includes 4 high-power particle diffusion guns and 16 high-energy pulse laser guns. In addition, there are 42 groups of large multi-purpose missile vertical launch units and 12 groups of airborne ballistic missile launch mechanisms. It is obvious that there is another space-based strategic weapon launch mode in the three launch modes of land-based, air-based and sea-based.

Phoenix 2 will be equipped with MD-22 with Mach number 7, or a higher performance shipborne drone swarm, which can attack global targets in all directions.

Second electromagnetic field anti-gravity technology helps space carrier travel in space

Phoenix 2 is equipped with 12 electromagnetic anti-gravity devices, which is determined by the weight of the aerospace carrier.

When the aerospace carrier takes off and flies in the atmosphere, 12 anti-gravity devices will create anti-gravity electromagnetic fields around it, effectively counteract the gravity of part of the earth’s center on the aerospace carrier, and greatly reduce the driving force required for the aerospace carrier to take off.

The aircraft carrier is in weightlessness when flying in the orbit outside the atmosphere. The 12 anti-gravity devices can flexibly adjust the direction and provide the driving force required by the aerospace carrier.

In addition, the aircraft carrier is also equipped with 38 composite engines to provide impetus for the aircraft carrier to take off and fly in the atmosphere. From the perspective of security, the sky carrier is below the low earth orbit and is easy to become the target of missile attack. Cruise in the orbit of 40000 kilometers above the ground will become the normal state of the sky carrier.

The energy and power devices needed for such a huge space combat platform are certainly not simple. It includes two groups of large ship-borne nuclear fusion reactors, which are responsible for the energy supply of Phoenix 2.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Shipborne nuclear fusion reactor

Is Sanluan Bird 2 a copy of Star Wars

We know that during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century, the United States launched a Star Wars plan and listed this project as the top-secret code: CL-1201.

CL-1201 is defined as a huge nuclear-powered flying aircraft carrier with a length of 170 meters and a wingspan of 341 meters, directly surpassing the world’s largest aircraft carrier”Ford”. The operational altitude of the Apsaras aircraft carrier is 9 kilometers above the combat area, serving as the operational command center of the temporary combat area. The 1.83 million kilowatts of energy provided by the nuclear reactor can ensure that the aerospace aircraft carrier can fly at Mach 0.8 for 41 consecutive days. The aircraft carrier can carry 22 parasitic fighters under the wing, plus 2 parked in the body, a total of 24. It is worth mentioning that the US military plans to send out seven aerial aircraft carriers together during the war. At the same time, there will also be about seven large transport aircraft flying with them, which are responsible for carrying part of the forces, materials and maintenance equipment for refueling bombs. Through the aerospace aircraft carrier fleet, the US military can launch 3896 soldiers, 30-day supplies, a large number of artillery, tanks, and even light helicopters into any battlefield in the world at one time.

However, the Star Wars plan has not really been implemented. It became the last straw that the United States dragged down the former Soviet Union.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Star Wars Imagination

So, will the launch of the Phoenix Bird 2 plan by China at this time be a Chinese version of the Star Wars strategy? Personally, I think there is such a possibility. However, this possibility is unlikely.

First of all, the United States is currently the only superpower in terms of economic strength, military strength and technological innovation. He may not even believe that he wants to bring down the United States.

Secondly, the United States dreams of stabilizing its power to dominate the world. The Star Wars plan was first proposed by the United States in the last century. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the Star Wars plan is also being improved. According to public reports, the United States intends to form a space combat deployment in the next 15 years. The parameters released by Phoenix Bird 2 are more like the technical leading indicators tracking the United States.

The most important point is that China has always been low-key and calm in its work style. Since China is the first to open the Luan Bird 2 model, it means that China has already possessed relevant technical reserves and manufacturing capacity. This also shows that China is determined to maintain the leading position in space military power and ensure the security of its homeland.

Siluanniao 2 indicates the arrival of the Chinese Star Age

Let’s review the four technological revolutions we have experienced in history.

The first scientific and technological revolution began in the 1760s. Based on Newtonian mechanics and relying on the use of steam engines, human society entered the era of steam engines.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Steam engine train

The second scientific and technological revolution began in the 1870s, represented by the large-scale application of electric power, and marked by the emergence of the internal combustion engine and the invention of electric light.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Gas turbine ship

The third scientific and technological revolution began in the 1950s, marked by the application of computer and information technology, and involving information technology, new energy technology, new material technology, biotechnology, space technology, ocean technology and other fields of information control technology revolution.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Internet of Things

The fourth technological revolution was first proposed by the Germans at the Hanover Industrial Expo in 2013. It is a technological revolution with artificial intelligence, graphene, virtual reality, quantum information technology, controllable nuclear fusion, clean energy and biotechnology as the breakthrough.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age


We have noticed that in the 100 years since the introduction of general relativity and quantum mechanics at the beginning of the 20th century, science seems to have stopped and no major scientific theories have been discovered. It seems that we have encountered a bottleneck and are looking forward to new scientific breakthroughs. This breakthrough is the fifth technological revolution.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age


The fifth scientific and technological revolution should be the interstellar technological revolution. To understand this, let’s take the development of space technology as an example. Fifty years ago, mankind first realized manned landing on the moon, which is a great initiative. But since Apollo landed on the moon 50 years ago, human beings have never landed on the moon. Why? The reason is that 50 years ago, we needed rocket propulsion to go up to the sky, and now we still need it. 50 years ago, it took about half a year for the spacecraft to reach Mars, and now it still does. The speed of the spacecraft has not been much improved.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

The first time humans landed on the moon

The important task of the fifth scientific and technological revolution is to achieve breakthroughs in the theory and technology of interstellar flight. The first breakthrough is to support the anti-gravity technology of aircraft like flying saucers. The physical basis of anti-gravity technology is unified field theory (this technology has been discussed in previous articles). The second breakthrough is curvature engine technology.

In order to realize interstellar exploration, human beings need to make a major breakthrough in basic science and break the existing physical theory, which is the warp engine. Maybe many friends have seen the interstellar navigation method of space jump and wormhole shuttle in some science fiction novels and movies. In fact, these methods all belong to the warp engine navigation mode.

To achieve this, we need to have sufficient knowledge of space theory. According to the understanding of scientists now, space can be compressed and expanded. This can be seen from the expansion theory of the universe. The expansion speed of space may be unlimited, and it can easily exceed the speed of light.

The theory of curvature engine is to distort the space around the spacecraft by compressing and expanding the space, thus forming a space wave like surfing, the speed of which exceeds the speed of light. The spacecraft is driven by space waves to achieve superluminal flight. In this process, the spacecraft itself is stationary, so it does not violate Einstein’s theory of relativity.

It can be seen that the curvature engine theory is a space theory far beyond our understanding. If we can break through it, human civilization will become an interstellar civilization, able to explore the vast space of the universe and uncover the mysteries of one universe after another.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Curvature engine

The breakthrough in theory and technology needs to start national projects such as landing on the moon, landing on Mars, or Phoenix II. Thus, the best scientists and engineering technicians will be gathered to tackle key problems together. Therefore, the timely launch of the Phoenix II Project will help China to take the lead in launching the fifth scientific and technological revolution.

Five who start interstellar technology research first, who will lead the future of mankind

The previous four scientific and technological revolutions can only make mankind jump on the earth. According to the”Kardashev level” theory on civilization development put forward by scientists in the last century, the level of civilization on the earth has always hovered at 0.7. Only the interstellar technological revolution has the opportunity to raise the level of civilization of the earth from 0.7 to 1.0. What a desirable interstellar era it was!

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Establish an interstellar human base

If China, the United States, Russia and Europe work together to overcome the problem of interstellar technology, perhaps mankind can enter the interstellar civilization early. However, due to the tension between China and the United States and the Russian-Europe relations, mankind has first used its limited resources for the arms race. At this time, if China takes the lead in launching the Phoenix II Project, it will seize the opportunity in scientific research and talent reserve. Once China can lead the fifth technological revolution, it will win the asymmetric advantage between China and the United States. It is the best strategy for China to achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation and the ideal of a community with a shared future for mankind.

China needs Luan Bird II Project. At the same time, the Phoenix II project will help China lead the space age.

Super space carrier ushers in the space age

Interplanetary spacecraft

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