How to cook pig large intestine?

Fat intestines are not only dishes, but also can stop bleeding and treat hemorrhoids. Fat intestines taste good and chewy. Many people like to eat them.

However, fat intestines have a disadvantage. They won’t smell very smelly and smelly. How can we remove the smell and smell? Let me teach you step by step. Because it is more delicious to eat while cooking with fire, we choose the dry pot sausage as an example.

Dry pot sausage

How to cook pig large intestine?

Ingredients: 300g fat sausage, 10g ginger, 20g garlic seeds, 10g white vinegar, 20g flour, 10g Baijiu, a spoonful of salt, an appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate, 5g Chinese prickly ash, 5g bean paste, 5g packaged millet pepper, 2g star anise, 2g cinnamon, 2g thirteen spices, 100g rapeseed oil

How to cook pig large intestine?

1. The pig’s large intestine is made of large intestine. The small intestine is very thin. The large intestine is thick and the meat is delicious.

2. Mix flour, Baijiu and white vinegar into the sausage, rub off the saliva juice, cut it, tear off the intestinal oil and impurities, and clean it.

3. Put clear water into the soup pot, put fat intestines, put ginger, star anise 2g, cinnamon 2g, cook for 5 minutes and remove.

4. Wash the fat intestines again, wash them and cut them into triangular pieces

How to cook pig large intestine?

5. Heat the wok red, add rapeseed oil, boil it, add fat intestines and ginger slices to stir, spray Baijiu, add bean paste, Chinese prickly ash, thirteen spices, garlic seeds, and water to stew for a few minutes, put millet peppers in bags, green and red peppers to simmer for a while, and then collect the juice out of the wok.

The fat sausage made in this way no longer has a bad smell, but is also very fragrant. It tastes soft, spicy and delicious.

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