My husband can’t bear. Now my parents-in-law and husband have asked me to consider sperm bank. What should I do?

I advise you not to. Now they just want to have a child and can accept everything. After having a child, the child cried and became disobedient. Will your husband really love this child who has no blood relationship? Only you and your children are related to each other in the family. Do they think you are selfish? In this case, it is recommended to adopt. It has no blood relationship with both of you. Your position is the same. Otherwise, the future will be endless. Men depend on blood to decide their relationship. Now your relationship is OK. What about the crisis of your relationship in the future? Does he feel that he is raising children for you?? After all, you are the child’s mother. Only adoption can guarantee your interests. He and his family are not qualified to accuse you. It’s hard to understand

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