Why do some people think that housing loans will make the poor poorer?

Recently, because we have more than one million yuan of spare money on hand, we have seen colleagues and friends buying houses as investment, and we are helpless to see the high house price. Buy it, it’s too bad money, don’t buy it. The house price has been rising, and the increase of savings on hand is far from the increase of the house price. That savings have been devalued in front of the house price.

There are 6000 yuan per square meter houses in the counties and districts 60 kilometers away. Our savings can actually buy a large house with a small garden. We paid the deposit after we checked the house.

Because the full payment for a house can be discounted, he is considering borrowing money from his brother in Shanghai. The brother sent a message saying that he had just bought a house, and only paid a deposit of more than 2 million yuan. There is still more than 2 million yuan for the 70% down payment. He is afraid that the existing house cannot be sold within the time limit. It obviously means that he wants to borrow money from us to save the emergency.

I wanted to laugh at that time. We have more than one million houses, and they have more than seven million houses – there is no comparability.

We used to buy a house with a little pride, but now we suddenly feel ridiculous.

The upscale residential area behind our residential area, Jiashiman, has sold out all the front row villas, but it is almost empty. All the rich people are speculating.

If we poor people, or even poorer than us, have few loans to buy a house and pay back the high-interest loans every month, the quality of life will be greatly reduced. If the epidemic like this year leads to the loss of life and it is difficult to pay back thousands of yuan of loans every month, the life will be very miserable.

If you have money or not, you have to buy a house. The higher the house price, the more people dare not fall behind. When we saw that the rich people lived in high-end commercial houses and the house price was less than half of the current price, our inner regret could not be described.

My husband and I both complained that the other party had no vision. At that time, the house price was so low that we didn’t think of buying a house. But our savings at that time were absolutely short of money to buy commercial housing, and only the rich could afford it. For people of our income level, the house price at that time was simply the sky-high price that we dare not touch.

Now that we have more savings, we feel that the house price was so cheap at that time. Now the house price is so high. We expect to buy it if we can reduce it a little. However, how can the house price fall easily? Those people who bought houses with loans can’t bear it if the house price falls.

As a result, the house price is still rising steadily. The rich people continue to change large houses and higher-grade residential areas. The poor people have to bite their teeth to buy a house and then live a poorer life in order to repay the loan.

Therefore, the poor (those who are struggling to repay their loans every month) will only be poorer (living standards are lower) if they borrow to buy a house.

House, house, how many generations of struggle can you no longer be our burden?

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