Is it true that some people rely on lottery to live without work?

The ideal is full and the reality is bony -“lottery” is not something that ordinary people can use to support their families

The author has been working hard on”football lottery” for more than 20 years. Objectively speaking, it is basically impossible to make a living by taking the job of”football lottery”. If there are such people, two conditions must be met. The first is that he has deep attainments in”football lottery” and is an absolute professional; The second is to have a strong economic foundation to operate. Otherwise, it is foolish to rely on”lottery” to support the family.

I. Budget of living cost and”lottery” cost

In real life, a person only needs to support himself. The cost of living per month is more than 3000 according to the minimum standard. Therefore, you must ensure that you have more than 3000 income per month to meet the needs of survival. You can’t get sick, even minor illness.

II. Analysis of”lottery” monthly income of more than 3000

As a resource player, my personal experience is that the continuous and stable profit of playing”lottery” can only happen when”lottery” is converted into a single game, that is, one single choice and another with a minimum odds of more than 2.3 to form a two-string one. You have to lock in at least 30 matches you need to form a plan through the competition process of the league. Take one month as a cycle, and complete the profit through the allocation of winning rate and capital. A single game shall not be less than 1000. Therefore, you have to invest at least 3W turnover in a month. If we want to achieve this through small and large businesses, there is basically no possibility.

Third, it is common to have negative profits in the”lottery” cycle

The above analysis is meaningless if there is stability in the result of the football game. If there is someone who can lock the result of the game through the odds or any index in reality, in theory, such people can be rich in one side. In fact, such people do not exist. On the contrary, if you are a senior player, the result of the football game will be red and black, And the smaller the range you choose, the higher the probability of big red and big black. At this time, because of the high concentration of funds, the higher the risk is. In fact, it is inevitable that negative numbers will appear in the lottery for one month or more. And it may be a negative number of the upper W level.

Fourth,”lottery” has a gap period every year

The five leagues have a winter break of nearly one month each year. After the end of the five leagues, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Sweden and Brazil are the leagues from May to June. During this period, there are very few matches to choose and it is more difficult to compete. If there is a large negative number in the cycle before the winter break, then your income source is negative in two months. You will definitely encounter zero income in one quarter of”lottery”.

To sum up, 1, 2, 3, and 4 involve the cost of maintaining life by”lottery”, and after these events, you should at least have several times of this amount of capital reserve. Only then can you achieve a stable mind and ease of mind, otherwise, nothing will be discussed. Of course, some”lottery” friends said that you had never seen high-end players and sold hundreds of W. Then you might as well go and see what this kind of player does. If he doesn’t have any financial resources, he has only a few hundred W to play, and then he can try out the”lottery” of hundreds of W.

And to support the family with”lottery”, it needs more than money. It also needs technology. How to define this technology, at least I think, is not the kind that can be possessed by doing some research in my spare time. Just like some chess enthusiasts, who have played chess all their lives, have also done some research, and even have some conceit, but the technology acquired by amateur research can be used to compete with amateur players in entertainment, but this technology can not be used as a life-sustaining skill.

Therefore, as an ordinary player, it is better to focus on entertainment. There are no opportunities here, but more pits.

At the beginning of the year and at the end of the year, I wish all friends who see this post a happy new year and good health! I also hope that the friends who see this post will pay more attention. The friends who added the level before 0:00 today will know more than one year from tomorrow!!! Together for 23 years, we discussed”lottery” and football lottery for entertainment. The author’s experience is that playing football lottery can actually be accomplished by observing the number. This analysis and that analysis can only be the only way to play football. The author can also write very well, but it is really useless. After playing football for many years, I found that it is not through analysis to earn some pocket money in playing football lottery. So, if it is useless, I don’t want to say it, it is directly single, tomorrow will be the first issue of the New Year, I hope you don’t miss it.

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