How many cities are there in Shaanxi?

There are 17 cities, 10 prefecture-level cities and 7 county-level cities:

Xi’an City (prefecture-level city), Tongchuan City (prefecture-level city), Baoji City (prefecture-level city), Xianyang City (prefecture-level city), Weinan City (prefecture-level city), Yan’an City (prefecture-level city), Hanzhong City (prefecture-level city), Yulin City (prefecture-level city), Ankang City (prefecture-level city), Shangluo City (prefecture-level city), Xingping City (county-level city), Binzhou City (county-level city), Hancheng City (county-level city), Huayin City (county-level city), Zichang City (county-level city), Shenmu City (county-level city), Xunyang City (county-level city)

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