Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

 Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

On May 12, Beijing time, the 2022 Thomas Uber Cup finals continued in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Japanese team took the lead in reaching the top four of the Thomas Cup. In the confrontation with Chinese Taipei team, kendou Toyoda won one game first, but the Japanese team lost two games in a row and fell behind in the total score. At this time, the Japanese team set off a Jedi counterattack. They won the last two games and narrowly defeated Chinese Taipei team 3-2 to advance to the top four.

Japan is one of the top contenders for the Thomas Cup. They have good strength in singles and doubles. However, the strength of the Japanese team’s first brother, the virtuous fight in taotian, is not as good as that in the peak period, which makes the overall competitiveness of the Japanese team decline. However, the Japanese team can not be underestimated in terms of singles depth and doubles strength. As the overall champion of the Olympic singles team, Li Tianyang will go further in Taipei and hope to lead the Chinese singles team.

 Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

The Japanese team sent the strongest team in this game. The three singles are Xiandou taotian, Gantai Changshan and Xiben boxing. The two pairs of doubles are Zhuo Lang baomu / Youwu Kobayashi and kuhehui / Yongda Watanabe. The first match was between Kendo Toyoda and Zhou Tiancheng. The two had fought 15 times before. Kendo Toyoda had an absolute advantage with 13 wins and 2 losses, of which he had won Zhou Tiancheng 9 times in a row. After the start of the game, the two drew several times. After 7 draws, Zhou Tiancheng took a 3-point lead in a row, and Yoshida fought back quickly. After the 13 draw, taotian Xiandou played two waves of climax to establish the advantage. Although Zhou Tiancheng fought hard to counter attack, taotian Xiandou maintained the lead and went to the next city 21-18.

In the second game, taotian Xiandou started with 5-2 and 10-4. After that, he well limited Zhou Tiancheng and didn’t give his opponent any chance to fight back. 21-13, taotian Xiandou won the next city 2-0. The Japanese team led 1-0.

 Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

Chinese Taipei team quickly tied in the second game. Li Yang / Wang Qilin suppressed Japan’s baomu Zhuo Lang / Kobayashi Youwu in a double duel, 21-14 and 21-15. The Olympic champion swept the victory and Chinese Taipei team made a draw. The next is the competition between the two teams in No. 2 doubles. Prince and Changshan Gantai meet. After the beginning of the first game, Changshan Gantai quickly led, and he always kept the lead. Prince Wei followed closely and scored three points when he fell behind 18-20. He reversed 21-18 to win the first game. After the 10 draw in the second set, Wang Ziwei scored again in a row. When he fell behind 13-18, Changshan Gantai was close to chasing four points in a row. Prince Wei fought back three points to win again 21-17. He defeated Changshan Gantai 2-0 and Chinese Taipei 2-1.

 Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

There was no way back for the Japanese team to save the match point in the fourth game. Gu Hehui / Watanabe Yongda beat Lu Jingyao / Yang Bohan 2-0 (24-22, 212-14), and the Japanese team made a 2-draw.

The decisive field is Xiben boxing against Liao fufu. After the 2-draw in the first game, Xiben boxing too hit two waves of climax and took the lead. Liao Luofu launched a counterattack and once chased the score to 10-11, but Xiben boxing too fought back with 3 points to stabilize the situation. After the game, Xiben boxing continued to expand his advantage. 21-13, he took the lead.

 Tangbei taotian made a good start. The Japanese team fought back 1-2 and reversed Chinese Taipei twice in a row

In the second set, Xiben boxing opened with four points after four draws. Liao Luofu played tenaciously. He tried to narrow the gap and caught up with 11-14. At this time, Xiben boxing gave a counterattack and worked hard to win 7 points in a row, 21-11. He added to the icing on the cake and won 2-0. Japan eliminated Chinese Taipei 3-2 and entered the top four.

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