The true manifestation of travel notes — the opening of the route between Europe and India

Around 1460, it reached · Gamma was born in a port city in Portugal. He spent almost all his life with the sea. The mysterious sea attracts generations of navigational explorers with its unique charm. Not afraid of strong winds and waves, they risked their lives to sail to the sea and opened up sea routes in the vast blue waves.

 The true manifestation of travel notes — The opening of the European Indian route

On July 8, 1497, in the sound of people’s greetings, Da · Gamma led 140 long-distance sailors, driving four exploration ships and embarking on a difficult and dangerous expedition. Sailed the Atlantic for four months. For a time, the fleet was dispersed by the continuous storm. Dark clouds, strong winds and rainstorms, water leakage in the cabin, and many crew members suffered from scurvy due to the lack of fresh vegetables and fruits. But their firm belief supports them to continue their difficult progress.

November 22, 1497, Da · Gamma led the fleet to successfully bypass the horn of good hope on the African continent and enter the Indian Ocean. Continue to sail slowly north.

In March 1498, the fleet arrived in Mozambique Island, a seaport city under the jurisdiction of Arabs. Here, Da · Gama had an armed conflict with the local residents and soon dispersed.

 The true manifestation of travel notes — The opening of the European Indian route

The fleet continued northward along the coastline. Because this is a relatively mature route, the merchant ships coming and going on the sea are guiding their course, and the supply of food and drinking water is no longer difficult.

In April 1498, Da · Gamma’s fleet came to a strange port of kilva. The fleet first sent a sailor ashore to inquire. April 14, Da · Gama’s fleet is anchored in Malindi, Kenya today. To their surprise, the head of Malindi was very enthusiastic to them. The sailors exchanged cheap goods for abundant gold and got a large number of spices here.

 The true manifestation of travel notes — The opening of the European Indian route

Under the guidance of the pilot sent by head Malindi, the fleet successfully crossed the Indian Ocean and arrived at kalikat port in India in less than four weeks. This is the center of Far East and Arab trade. Here, Da · Gamma and the sailors were delighted to see that India was as rich as Marco Polo described in his travels, and they were amazed.

September 9, 1498, Da · Gamma’s fleet returned to Lisbon carrying a large number of Indian spices and African gold, and brought back six indigenous Hindes captured by the strong. At the grand welcoming ceremony, the king of Portugal cheered happily: “ Portugal has its own Columbus”

 The true manifestation of travel notes — The opening of the European Indian route

Da · Gamma sold spices and jewelry from India, and the net profit was 60 times the cost of navigation. However, when the crew returned to their home country, there were only 55 people left. Da · Gamma led the fleet down the west coast of Africa, passed the Cape of good hope at the southern end of Africa, went north along the east coast of Africa, crossed the Arabian Sea, and finally reached India, opening up a new maritime route from the west to the East India. This landmark voyage has made outstanding contributions to the exchanges between the East and the West in the fields of politics, economy, culture, commerce and trade.

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