Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

Cleopatra, the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt (also known as Cleopatra), was born in 69 BC. When she was in power, China was in a very awkward dynasty – the Great New Dynasty, with the emperor Wang Mang.

Archaeologists restored Cleopatra’s appearance according to historical data and concluded that she was a gorgeous and beautiful womanDante and Shakespeare all described this legendary woman as”Unprecedented sexy witch”; Bernard Shaw also called her”A willful and unselfish woman”

Cleopatra was a 17-year-old stepfather and queen for 22 years. During her reign, Egypt was very prosperous, and its national strength and diplomacy reached its peak, which showed that she was not only relying on beauty to conquer the world, but also had wisdom and talent.

This article briefly tells the story of Cleopatra and the two kings of the Roman Empire and the death of the Queen

Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

First, Cleopatra and Caesar

In 49 BC, Caesar, the commander of Rome, led a large army to pursue Pompey, the governor of Gaul, to Egypt. At this time, Cleopatra was fighting for the throne with her half-brother Ptolemy XIII, and Caesar intervened. Cleopatra saw the opportunity, sneaked into Alexandria at night, wrapped herself in a blanket, and asked her to be carried to Caesar’s door. Caesar was conquered by Cleopatra’s crispy jade body, and the two became sentimental lovers. Caesar helped Cleopatra defeat Ptolemy XIII in the Battle of Alexandria, and Cleopatra became the actual ruler of Egypt

Soon, Caesar went to Asia Minor and returned to Rome because of the war. Cleopatra gave birth to Caesar and named him Caesar Lyon.

In 45 BC, Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV were invited to Rome and received a warm reception. Cleopatra lived in Caesar’s private residence. Caesar kept his promise and made a gold body for Cleopatra in the temple, standing beside the goddess Venus.

When he looked at the world, Caesar was stabbed to death on March 15, 44 BC. Cleopatra VII’s dream vanished immediately and left Rome in a gloomy mood

Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

II. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

After Caesar’s death, there was a political gap in Rome.

Anthony was Caesar’s right arm, cavalry commander, and Caesar’s staunch followerHe and Julius Caesar’s adopted son house and Leipida formed the”rear three-headed alliance”, and he ruled the eastern part of the Italian peninsulaHe metCleopatra VIIin Tarsus 41 years ago and became her lover

It is said that Cleopatra built a magnificent ship at that time, with purple sails and golden tails, shining on the river. She was dressed in clothes as thin as cicada wings, dressed as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, with beautiful children standing on both sides, each holding incense fans and gently shaking. The maid dressed as a fairy in the sea holds a silver paddle and moves rhythmically with the sound of drums. When the residents saw this scene, they suspected that Aphrodite, the god of love, came here with the golden dragon to have fun with the god of wine (Anthony). People ran around telling each other, and the audience was like a tide. Anthony was invited to the banquet on the ship and saw Cleopatra VII’s charming demeanor and elegant speech. He was dazzled and at a loss

Anthony is a warrior who was completely conquered by Cleopatra’s beauty. He not only did not investigate Cleopatra’s ambiguous attitude in the”three headed fight”, but also helped her eliminate her powerful rival for the throne — her sister Yasis, who is the same father. Anthony followed Cleopatra to Egypt and spent two fascinating winters. After his victory in Armenia, Anthony did not hold a victory ceremony in Rome, but went to Egypt and worshipped Cleopatra as”Queen of the Kings”, and they both climbed the golden throne together, making the scenery infinite

Anthony’s behavior was controversial in Rome. People accused him of betraying national interests for women, and the Romans began to hate Cleopatra to the bone, believing that she was the greatest threat to Rome. This was just used by Octavian.

In 32 BC, the contradiction between Anthony and Octavian became sharp and completely broke. The Senate declared war on Cleopatra VII on the grounds of”occupying the property of the Roman people”, and Anthony was also deprived of the position of Roman consul

In 30 BC, Octavian attacked Egypt and surrounded Alexandria. When Anthony saw that the situation was over, he committed suicide

Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

Third, the death of Cleopatra

After Anthony’s death, Octavian tried his best to comfort Cleopatra, so that she would not be tempted to make a mistake. Cleopatra held talks with him and asked her children to inherit the throne of the kingdom. Octavian sent Procurius to negotiate with Cleopatra. At this time, Cleopatra was confined in the tomb.

Procurius saw Cleopatra stabbing his heart with a sharp knife from the window of the tomb. He rushed up and grabbed her with both hands.”Shame!” he said,”Cleopatra, you are wrong. Octavian was shocked by your beauty and showed his kindness.” He took the dagger from her hand and waved her clothes to see if there was any poison hidden inside. After this incident, Octavian ordered to take strict precautions to protect her life.

Cleopatra, as the king of a country, is incomparable and has unlimited scenery. How could he ever suffer from prison! In her extremely sad mood, she was caught in a high fever. She hoped that under this excuse, she would fast and die without any interference. She has her own doctor called Olympus. She told him the truth and begged him to help end her life.

A few days later, Octavian visited her in person and comforted her. Cleopatra took out all her possessions and asked for her pardon, while her seemingly loyal housekeeper unexpectedly pointed out that she also concealed a lot of property. The angry Cleopatra grabbed the housekeeper’s hair and beat him severely, while Octavian just laughed and did not speak. She lay at Octavian’s feet, hoping for his mercy. Octavian said,”I’m not interested in your property. If you want, you can handle your property at will.” He left happily, believing that he had won her. But in fact, he deceived himself.

Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

Among Octavian’s generals, there was a Dorabella who had a little sympathy for Cleopatra. He told her that Octavian would be taken away with her children when he returned to Rome through Syria. After she heard the news, she begged Uda Wei to allow her to offer a memorial service to the deceased Anthony. She asked for a bath for her. After taking a bath, she had a luxurious dinner.

Just then, a countryman sent her a small basket, which was stopped by the guard and asked what was inside. The countryman showed a basket full of figs. The guards envied the big and beautiful figs, and the countrymen smiled and treated them with some figs. The guard declined and let him bring things in without any doubt. Cleopatra sent a letter to Octavian after dinner. She told everyone to go out at once, leaving only two waitresses.

Octavian opened her letter, saw the sad and moving plea, and begged her to be buried in the same tomb with Anthony. He soon realized the seriousness of the matter and dispatched a herald. When they went there, the door was open, and she was flat on a gold bed. The two maids also died at the same time.

There is a poisonous snake in the flowerless fruit basket, which Cleopatra knew in advance. She stimulated the venomous snake to take her arm, and also said it took her chest. Although some people suspected that Cleopatra was not killed by a venomous snake, according to her doctor,”There are indeed two inconspicuous scars on her arm.” For this, Octavian was disappointed with her death, but he could not help admiring her greatness and ordered her body to be buried next to Anthony.

Cleopatra, Cleopatra: A woman who plays the role of beauty to the utmost

Someone said that Cleopatra is”The witch on the Nile” is”The Nile flower snake“; Some people say that Cleopatra is the mistress of all poets in the world and the mistress of all revelers in the world

In any case, the 39 years of Cleopatra’s life is full of legend, leaving a dramatic drama for history.

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