There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?

The spark plug has been used for 80000 kilometers, and there is nothing abnormal. Generally, there is no need to replace the spark plug. It can be detected when the car is repaired. It is a common phenomenon that the spark plug is used beyond the time limit; Although the design life of different types of spark plugs is different, the design life is far less than the actual service life of spark plugs. For a car I drove in the past, the maintenance manual recommended replacing the spark plugs after 40000 km, but it took me nearly 90000 km to replace them (there was no problem when replacing them, I just wanted to replace them). So the recommendations in the maintenance manual are only for reference, and are only luxury and luxury solutions, But it’s not economical

There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?
The spark plug has no specific service life, and its loss is usually related to the oil and driving style. That is to say, even if the same spark plug, some can be used for 100000 kilometers, others only use 30000 kilometers, so the replacement mileage of spark plug cannot be cut across; For example, if the oil quality is poor and there are many impurities in a certain place, the spark plug will easily be wrapped by various impurities and carbon deposits in advance by theelectrode, which will lead to the problem of the spark plug coming out of the line in advance. If the oil quality is good, this kind of problem will not occur; So sometimes the spark plug of someone’s car breaks in advance, it doesn’t need to be too different. Its damage is related to many reasons
There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?

The loss of spark plug

The spark plug depends on thehigh-voltage arcto break down the mixture to make it burn, so whether the arc can break down the mixture smoothly becomes particularly important; Generally, there are two reasons for spark plug problems. The first reason is that the spark plug electrode is covered by carbon and impurities, and the arc cannot penetrate, so the mixture cannot be ignitedThe secondis that with the long-term use, the central electrode and the outer electrode of the spark plug are burned, resulting in the inability to ignite the mixture; The first problem is easy to solve. In fact, just remove the spark plug and clean it; But the second problem is unsolved, which is a hard wound
There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?
The central electrode and the outer electrode of the spark plug will burn out over a long period of time, that is, the two electrodes will be burned out in part, so the gap between the central electrode and the outer electrode will be enlarged, and the voltage of the arc will be reduced; When the arc voltage is reduced to a certain extent, there is no way to break down the gas mixture, which will cause the cylinder shortage. However, this process is imperceptibly carried out, not the instantaneous cylinder shortage, but a little bit. It gradually starts from the power decline, gradually develops into the poor ignition, finally evolves into the inability to ignite, and even the flameout will occur on the slope; However, the damage caused by this process is only more carbon deposition, and there is no major event
There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?

Some signs that spark plugs should be replaced

The spark plugs are not broken and cannot be used in an instant. Their aging is a process. When the spark plugs enter the countdown cycle, your car’s power will gradually decline and fuel consumption will gradually increase, followed by idling jitter and ignition difficulties, and further development is that it is difficult to climb the slope, even the viaduct can only use the first and second gears, and cannot go up with the third gear; The final result is that the spark plug is turned on, turned off, or even cannot be started at all. This is the whole process before the spark plug is completely broken; Does your car have any of the above conditions? If it doesn’t appear, you don’t need to replace it
There is nothing wrong with the spark plug after 80000 km. Do you want to replace it?
In a word, spark plugs are not fake consumables, but also the most durable consumables on the vehicle. So even if thenickel alloy spark plugs with the lowest mileage life spanare generally 70000 or 80000 kilometers long, there is no problem, It is also common to use nickel alloy spark plugs for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, so you don’t need to replace them, as long as the car can run normally, you don’t need to replace spark plugs, just need to check them. If there is too much carbon deposit, clean them, and the spark plugs will come back to life after cleaning!

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