The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000 kilometers, and the American interception system is in vain

Russia has had a hard time under Western sanctions in recent years. Some data show that Russia’s GDP is only equivalent to China’s Guangdong Province. Nevertheless, Russia is still listed by netizens as “ Upper three constant ” On the list. The so-called “ Upper three constant ” They are the three most powerful countries in the five permanent members &mdash— China, the United States and Russia Russia’s economy is so backward, why is it in the third place

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

Russia has a card in hand, which is the famous Poplar-m strategic nuclear missile , At the last anti fascist Red Square military parade, this missile earned enough attention This strategic intercontinental missile, together with the militia-3 of the United States and the dongfeng-41 of China, has become the world’s nuclear weapon, which has been called the three “ Truth &rdquo

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

The development of aspen-m began in 1993, when the Soviet Union had just disintegrated, Russia’s economy plummeted, a large number of nuclear weapons were destroyed, and conventional weapons had no money to maintain and upgrade. At this time, Russia’s strategic thinking has changed, and there is an urgent need for a final strategic nuclear missile to make up for the lack of conventional military power. Poplar m was born under this background

The missile weighs 47 tons and the whole bomb is 23m long. The solid fuel engine technology can greatly shorten the launch preparation time. The original Soviet old-fashioned strategic missile launch preparation time takes 1 hour, while the poplar-m launch preparation time only takes 15 minutes The shorter the preparation time for missile launch, the less likely it is to be found by enemy satellites, so it is less likely to be destroyed by the enemy

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

Poplar-m can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads, and the equivalent of each nuclear warhead is about 200000 tons of TNT , The specific figures have not been released by Russia. This warhead can wipe out a small and medium-sized city in the United States and paralyze a big city for a week; strong> The range of aspen-m is also amazing, reaching 12000km , Launching in Russia can cover the whole territory of the United States, which is the reason why the United States is afraid.

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

Compared with the stupid, big, black and thick intercontinental missiles in the Soviet era, the shape of the Topol-M missile is much more exquisite. Another point is The accuracy of poplar-m is very high. Each warhead has the ability to adjust the flight attitude. When approaching the target, it can fly to the target at the speed of Mach 35, and the hit accuracy is within 50 meters It is almost impossible for the enemy to intercept at this speed. This accuracy is much higher than that of the intercontinental missiles of the former Soviet Union. The hit accuracy of the intercontinental missiles of the former Soviet Union is 200 ~ 300 meters. Of course, for a 200000 ton equivalent nuclear warhead, the error of one or two hundred meters is not a problem at all, and the explosion range is much larger than that.

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

The most advanced part of poplar-m lies in its anti electromagnetic interference ability and anti interception technology , We should know that several major military powers in the world now have their own military reconnaissance satellites, which are always staring at each other’s missile transport vehicles. This kind of military reconnaissance satellite can even see the contents of the newspaper held by the ground personnel.

After the poplar missile is launched, the enemy will determine the flight path of the missile according to the launch position and flight trajectory, and then intercept it Generally speaking, interception is carried out in the middle section. Aspen-m can change its orbit in the middle section. Aspen-m missile can maneuver during flight, so as to change the ballistic height. Its warhead also has a special trajectory, so it is difficult for the anti missile system to find and track. The missile propulsion and control system includes four interconnected gas valve ports. These gas nozzles are opened or closed by the gas valve according to the command of the control system, which controls the flight direction of the booster. At the same time, it can change the flight trajectory of the missile and determine the release time of the nuclear warhead Each gas generator can be rotated by the engine according to the preset program to change the direction of control force and realize maneuvering orbit change, so as to improve the anti interception performance of the missile.

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

In addition, in terms of guidance, poplar-m adopts starlight guidance, inertial guidance, geomagnetic guidance and terrain image multiple guidance methods, which can avoid the electromagnetic interference of the enemy and ensure accurate direct target The middle section interception system of the United States is nothing for poplar-m. some experts estimate that the interception accuracy of the American interception system for poplar-m is only 20% If Russia launches five aspen-m to the United States and counts each with ten sub warheads, then 40 nuclear bombs will successfully penetrate, which is a disaster for the United States.

Although Biden is old this year, he still knows more about Russia’s nuclear strike strength. When he was 20 years old, the Soviet American Cold War reached its peak, and he still remembered the Cuban missile crisis. Similarly, Putin has also experienced the social unrest after the fall of the Soviet Union. He knows what means should be used to maintain Russia’s international status After the successful test firing of Topol-M missile by Russia in 1997, Putin gave up the Soviet Union’s “ Commitment not to be the first to use nuclear weapons; Change to “ When a country faces a critical period of life and death, it can take the lead in using nuclear weapons to attack the enemy”

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

In fact, in the Russian Ukrainian war, we can see that Russia’s conventional military capability is not as strong as expected. Several Su-34 were shot down and crashed due to mechanical failure. The Russian Navy also collapsed and is still using the old ships of the last century. The number of cruise missiles in the army is not enough, and the overall combat informatization level is not high It was also revealed that the Russian army purchased parts from Taobao to assemble and investigate UAVs. Some said it was deliberately done by Russia.

In my opinion, this is the true reflection of Russia’s conventional military capability. The key is that Russia’s economy can’t keep up. There is a shortage of R &D funds and production funds for many high-tech weapons. There are few army T90 tanks, and the number of t-14s is poor. They can only be shown at the military parade.

 The Russian aspen-m intercontinental missile has a range of 12000km, and the American interception system is in vain

For the United States, now Russia can only rely on nuclear weapons such as aspen-m and the God of the north wind. These weapons are still in the leading ranks in the world. Russia often pulls them out to air to frighten the bald eagle next door. In fact, this behavior is also helpless.

In 2021, the military expenditure of the United States reached US $740.5 billion and that of China was about US $209 billion. As the top three permanent members, Russia’s military expenditure was only US $42.1 billion, which was far lower than that of China and the United States, or even less than that of Japan. Russia could only put limited military expenditure on the blade, and the poplar strategic missile was a blade of the Russian army.

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