What is the difference between B-ultrasound and color ultrasound?

In fact, color ultrasound is also a type of B-ultrasound. In simple terms, color Doppler ultrasound (CDU) is a combination of high-definition black-and-white B-mode ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound, which not only has the advantages of two-dimensional ultrasound structural image, but also provides rich information on hemodynamics. It can be understood that the scope of color ultrasound is larger than that of black and white B ultrasound, and ordinary B ultrasound is like black and white photos; The two-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is not a color picture, but the image will have red and blue color to display the vascular information.

B-ultrasound is a medical examination item that patients often contact when they see a doctor. Clinically, color Doppler ultrasound is widely used in the diagnosis of diseases in cardiology, digestive medicine, urology and gynecology and obstetrics. Generally speaking, the impact of color ultrasound on the fetus is greater than that of black and white B ultrasound, and doctors in early pregnancy generally do not recommend color ultrasound for pregnant women. However, in the early stage of pregnancy, pregnant women can do black and white B ultrasound to determine the pregnancy status of the fetus, and only in the second stage of pregnancy, do color ultrasound to perform teratogenesis or record fetal activity.

Compared with black-and-white B-mode ultrasound, color ultrasound has a wider diagnostic range. In terms of composition, black and white B-mode ultrasound only has one probe, which can only check the abdominal cavity; Color B ultrasound has three probes. In addition to the abdominal cavity, it can also check the heart, superficial skin, blood vessels, tumor and other benign and malignant. In terms of price, color B ultrasound is at least several times higher than black and white B ultrasound. A black and white B-ultrasound machine costs only tens of thousands of yuan, while a color ultrasound machine costs hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan.

In fact, in terms of application selection, some diseases can only be treated with black-and-white ultrasound, and the choice of color ultrasound or black-and-white ultrasound depends on the needs of the disease. Some diseases do not need accurate diagnosis, and black-and-white ultrasound is enough. Therefore, in general, if there is no need for accurate diagnosis, regular hospitals generally do black and white B-ultrasound examination first, and if the diagnosis is still not clear, then do color ultrasound examination as needed.

What is the difference between B-ultrasound and color ultrasound?

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