If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

Go to bed early when you are free, and make more money when you are free. Exercise, get up early and go to bed early, eat regularly, and read more books are the most worthwhile things to do

No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you walk in the right direction, no matter how rugged, you are closer to happiness than standing in the same place

1. Read more books

I have heard a saying: reading books by teenagers is like watching the moon in a gap; Reading in middle age is like watching the moon in court; Reading in old age is like playing on the stage. All are based on the shallow and deep experience.

As the saying goes, the belly is full of poetry. I remember Dong Qing once said this sentence:Not reading is like not having enough food. You are mentally hungry. Reading enables people to learn to think, to calm down and enjoy a deep pleasure in the soul

Read good books, read useful books, precipitate your temperament, and make your inner become excellent. One day, you will become a senior person, just stand there, do nothing, and become a landscape

If you read more on weekdays, you may not see any major changes for a while. But over time, your vision and pattern, your connotation, words and actions will be impressive.

The time you spend in reading is quietly shaping a better you, not confined to one side of the world, not trapped in a temporary trough, and will be rewarded in the future.

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

Share 3 books:

1. The Four Training of Liaofan

The Four Commandments of Liao Fan is known as the first inspirational treasure and the first good book in the East. It tells the family instructions that Mr. Fan made in order to educate his children by combining his own personal experience and his lifelong knowledge and cultivation, and the experience of transforming his destinyThere are four parts in the book: the study of establishing a life, the method of correcting mistakes, the method of accumulating good deeds, and the effect of humility and virtue

Zeng Guofan most highly praised the”Four Instructions to All Men”. After reading it, he changed the number to clean up his life.”Those who clean up, clean up his old stains; those who live, take the words of Yuan Liaofan: ‘The former, such as yesterday’s death; the latter, such as today’s life.'” He listed it as the first book of wisdom to be read by his nephew.

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

2. Thanksgiving Diary

This book was rated by Time magazine as a required reading for women comparable to Sandberg’s One Step Forward.

Janice Kaplan, the best-selling author of the New York Times and an internationally renowned journalist, is still full of complaints and”ungrateful” even though she has an enviable life. In order to change the situation, she began a one-year journey of writing a gratitude diary. A year later, a miracle happened. The heartfelt gratitude triggered Janice’s inner revolution. She was able to repair her marriage and be grateful for her husband’s efforts; Positive thinking has brought her close relationship with her children; Her positive attitude significantly improved her work efficiency; At the same time, gratitude also made her reconcile with herself and relieved the pressure accumulated for a long time; Improved sleep and health; And I lost 5 kg unconsciously!

The author spent one year treating life with gratitude, and thus gained a new perspective on the world. She will tell you in the book how to change marriage, family life, work, health and daily life experience.

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

3. Secret: Practical Edition — The secret of action

The Secret contains a clear principle of how to live according to the laws of the universe, but the most important thing is to tell everyone not to waste their lives. The Secret Practice Edition is destined to be a great spiritual inspirational book. Now, in a year, Rhonda Bain has visited the outstanding people in all walks of life and told you that the law of attraction can be practiced.

She will lead us to deeply study the rules in the Secret Practice Edition,share the wisdom contained therein, and understand how to live in harmony with the universal rules that control human beings, so as to control our own lives

Based on the energetic facts in Secret, your understanding of the law of attraction will be incredibly expanded. Every day, you will be happier, richer and more glorious. There are 365 detailed steps in the book. After 21 days of hard work, you can thoroughly understand the mystery of the law of attraction.

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

2. Exercise and fitness

Healthy body is the foundation of everything. Spend time on exercise and fitness, and you will get healthy returns.

Schopenhauer, the German philosopher, said that the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to exchange health for other things.

The benefits of exercise are not only physical fitness, but also the best way to keep one’s spirit fresh.

People who exercise and keep fit have similar reasons, while people who do not exercise and keep fit have different reasons

As long as you can take the first step, you will find that everything is so simple

Exercise and fitness can not increase the number of lives, but can expand the width of life and extend the length of life

As long as you can maintain the exercise style, such as aerobics, running, square dance, yoga, dancing, rope skipping, etc., as long as you can make yourself move to achieve the effect of exercise.

Exercise is the secret of keeping your body young and the most natural secret of maintenance

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

3. Professional study

If your work is in a field with high professional requirements, then concentrate on your professional field.

Such as medicine, computer network, economy and finance, management, writing, fitness, painting, music and other fields, you can find your own example, and learn from your example.

If you study a field carefully, you will find that there are many wonderful things. Maybe it can help you get a promotion and raise your salary. Maybe it can help you find your second career. Maybe you can start your own business. No matter what it is, you will get something.

Don’t say that reading is useless. It is because you are useless, mainly because you are useless

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

4. Develop sidelines

Go to bed early when you have time, and make more money when you have time.

If you really don’t know what to do, think about making money.

Life is not about making money, but making money is about living a better life

Money is not everything, but it is absolutely impossible without money. 90% of the things in the world that can be solved with money are not things, provided that you want to be rich. I also have to work hard to make money. Ha ha ha

Most people make money with physical strength, most people make money with technology, a few people make money with knowledge, and a few people make money with wisdom

Try to improve your earning channels and levels as soon as possible.

5. Go to bed early

Before, due to work reasons, I stayed up late for a long time, and basically stayed up at 1.2am. During that time, my skin was particularly waxy and colorless, and I suddenly felt several years old, and it also caused irregular periods, and the whole person was confused. Later, I didn’t dare to stay up late any more. Now I have been going to bed before 11:00 for almost three months at least. The whole mood and spirit are much better than before. Especially after girls are 25 years old, their metabolism starts to decline, and we should pay more attention to going to bed early.

“Beauty sense” is always the most expensive and priceless skin care product. Frequently staying up late and going to bed late will make people’s skin dark, rough and yellow, and no matter how to maintain it, it is the most important to have a good early sleep and rest

The German philosopher Schopenhauer said that the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to exchange health for other external things

There is a sentence in”Sleep Revolution”: a really powerful person will actively control his life rhythm and improve his sleep quotient, so that he can always respond to work and life in a positive state

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

6. Develop your hobbies

Interest is the best teacher, followed by shame

Everyone’s interests and love are different, such as:

(1) Cooking

A person should also eat well. The happier thing than eating is cooking.

Cooking can calm your mind and bring delicious food and health to your family. Why not?

(2) Draw

It is also a great thing to show what I saw and heard in the form of painting. I like the inspirational story that Grandma Moses began painting at the age of 50 and finally became famous all over the world.

(3) Writing

Some people say that writing is to”marinate time with words and cure hunger with words”
It is also said that writing is”crossing the Atlantic in a bathtub”
And I think writing is a dialogue with myself and a way of thinking practice.

(4) Others

Radishes and vegetables have their own preferences. I hope you can have your own hobbies.

If you have nothing to do every day, what will you do?

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