Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30) 5 apps

White whoring Guide:

& How to get software in video:

1 ️⃣ Download the required app by scanning the code on the mobile phone

2 ️⃣ Enter the software name in the app store to find

3 ️⃣ Long press the picture to select the identification QR code

* * * what is time limited free software

* * free for a limited time means that the developer temporarily adjusts the price of the software to 0 yuan

* * the time limit for software exemption is different. If the charge is displayed, it means that the exemption is no longer restricted!! If the purchase is made by mistake, please ask Apple customer service for a refund

* * * which software is recommended:

① recommend practical software for personal testing

② select high-quality discount software, which will be specially marked by meiqu software

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

 Apple App Store Limited and free apps (May 30)

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