6 treasure websites necessary for improving writing

These treasure websites can not only provide inspiration for topic selection and writing ideas, but also quickly find suitable materials to help you greatly improve your writing efficiency, especially the last one is very practical. If you want to improve your writing style, you must see it. You can like it and collect it!

1. get writing

A powerful intelligent writing website. If you have no clue about writing an article, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at this website, which gathers the search hotspots of various platforms. You can enter keywords to automatically match the article template, and intelligent search materials to generate the first draft, rewrite, and expand these functions are very practical.


Get Writing

2. Content artifact

This is a magic weapon for selecting topics. Here is a collection of keywords and hot word rankings from major media platforms. You can accumulate inspiration for selecting topics by swiping every day. There is also a proofreading function that can detect typos and sentence smoothness.


Content artifact

3. Sentence control

A good article can never be without golden sentences. A good golden sentence is the finishing touch of the whole article. This website contains many good sentences. It is a treasure sentence


Sentence control

4. Material lane

This website collects all kinds of literature materials, including themes such as history, character myths, folk customs, and materials used in conjunction with Beijing Opera. It is convenient to find them here


Material Lane

5. Reader

A book website that gathers book reviews, magazines, book reviews, blogs, and Chinese and English reading resources, including famous news newspapers such as the Southern Metropolis Daily, the New Beijing News, and the surging news, as well as some book review magazines and book review websites, which contain many sharp views of literary and chemical experts. In addition to finding views, they can also be used to improve themselves



6. Easy to write

This website is very comprehensive, providing a comprehensive material library of articles, videos, topics, hot lists and other materials. Entering keywords can automatically generate copywriting and hot money titles. There is also a powerful database for message analysis, which can be said to be very practical.


Easy to write

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