Can the Chinese lottery number really be calculated?

Hello friend! I am an old lottery winner. My favorite is Lucky 3D.

3D is three numbers, divided into three positions, hundreds and tens. The direct selection of the position cannot be wrong. The group selection does not matter the position, and the bonus is small.

Here we will talk about the sum value, that is, the sum value of three numbers. The hundreds and tens are all 10 numbers, and you can select several numbers from 0-9. For example, you can choose three numbers for the hundreds, three numbers for the tens, and three numbers for the ones. It adds up to 27 notes and costs 54 yuan. If you win the lottery, it is 1040 yuan, one time the bonus, you can bet multiple times, and you are voluntary.

The numbers in each position are regularly assigned, which are designed by the computer in advance. These 10 numbers can be classified without looking at them. According to size, 01234 is a decimal number and 56789 is a large number; According to odd and even numbers, 02468 is even and 13579 is odd. According to the combination of quality, 12357 is a prime number and 04689 is a composite number. According to my own opinion on numbers, we can use them easily.

When I buy lottery tickets, I mainly divide them according to size, or mix them. Everything is OK.

This is all positional selection. And the sum method. There are 28 3D sum values. 0-27. The sum of 0 and 27 is almost a small chance of winning the prize. The sum value is between 10-20, and the probability of winning the prize is high. The maximum sum value is 13.14. The sum is 13 and 14, and it is 150 yuan to buy it all. This includes Group 3 and Group 6. If you think it’s Group Three, buy Group Three and choose directly. If it is Group 6, you can buy Group 6 directly. The winning prize is 1040 yuan.

There is also the Leopard number, which is the same in three numbers. There are 10 groups of numbers in total, and 20 yuan is double.

Let me share here how I can figure out which number is in the hundreds and tens. Take the hundreds as an example. I found that there was a rule in the number of times each number appeared. It took me a long time to calculate it. That is, the number of intervals is regular. Almost all the numbers are given according to the rules of the original computer design. I have tried many times and almost won the prize. But I was too tired to do it later.

Other lottery tickets are more complicated, and I didn’t study them.

To buy lottery tickets, you should have a good attitude, that is, to give love and not be discouraged if you don’t win the lottery. Don’t be too greedy. If you don’t win the lottery, you will lose too much money.

This is my method and suggestion. For reference!

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