For those who have lost their children, can you talk about how they came out of the pain?

This kind of pain, how to talk about it, will never come out. My treasure left me at the age of 16. I stayed up all night and all day. I couldn’t stand up because of heartbreak, and my eyes were almost blind. I knew that I would not be able to do it again. At first, I was happy that I could go with him. Later, I knew that I could not be so selfish. I grew up under the shelter of my parents. From working to having children and not working, my parents were worried about me. They didn’t have money to pay and no room to room. Up to now, I am heartbroken, and my parents are also heartbroken. My mother’s eyes have just gone to the hospital for surgery and can’t shed tears, but because she loves me, she has cried and become inflamed. So my life is not my own, but belongs to my parents. I don’t care about my life. Now I have to take care of my life. I want to take love, think and read my treasure, live well, for my parents and also for my treasure.

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