Who have you seen?

A customer who often comes to my store is particularly inconspicuous, dressed in plain clothes and never talks! Once there was a disturbance in my shop. Seven or eight gangsters. The customer used only a few moves at that time and beat several gangsters to pieces, which also showed me that he was a secret expert!

Speaking of this customer, the clerk didn’t want to see him at the beginning. He wore ordinary clothes, looked good, and never smiled. I only order a cup of coffee every time, and it is the cheapest. I guess he has no place to go. Come to my shop to kill time!

Every time he came to the store, the clerk didn’t receive her. Every time I sent him coffee, I never asked him what he needed, because he was a regular customer and knew his consumption habits very well. He always said thank you to me.

Once, there were several gangsters in my shop who made trouble and consumed the kind that wanted to pay off! At that time, they quarreled with the shop assistant. I went up and talked with them. It was still no good. I found all kinds of reasons to embarrass me. It means that I will be free of charge, otherwise my store will not open.

I said: It is impossible to avoid paying bills. I am responsible for doing business, and no one is afraid! One of the gangsters was ready to fight against me. The customer couldn’t stand to see it. He grabbed the gangster who was ready to hit me. Moreover, his movements are particularly nimble. He holds the other side’s hand in the opposite direction and presses it on the table. Another gangster is going to hit him, and he kicked the other side in the opposite direction!

Several other gangsters were ready to come up against him together. He hit and kicked several people to the ground, and several people ran away in fear. The shop assistants exclaimed: How handsome! So handsome!

I was really shocked at that time. Obviously, I was an inconspicuous person, and I had such skills. I felt like I was watching Bruce Lee’s movie! He clapped his hands and continued to sit down, or did not speak. In order to thank him, I went to him and said: Are you interested in a drink?

He made a particularly handsome move and waved his head and said,”Go!”!

We chatted while eating. His eloquence was particularly good, and he was eloquent, and his drinking capacity was frightening! With the help of wine, he told his experience. He was a fighter, and then went to work as a special force soldier. After several years of training in the army, he was admitted to the graduate student of China Police University in the army. Because of family reasons, he had to come back. He originally stayed in Beijing.

His family was very poor. When he was in junior high school, his father died, and his mother remarried and almost couldn’t go to school. At that time, his girlfriend and his classmates left school desperate to make money for him to go to school. His girlfriend made all his achievements. When he just got a good job in Beijing after graduating from graduate school, his girlfriend had to take a wheelchair in a car accident. He gave up everything for his girlfriend.

With tears flashing, I asked him: regret?

He said: regret, very regret, regret not taking good care of your girlfriend, regret going to graduate school, otherwise your girlfriend will not have an accident.

I said: You can leave her alone.

He said,”Impossible. Everything I have is bought with her youth and future. She has made me, and I will protect her life.”. I can’t let her down. I want to make her happy. She was once lost and inferiority. She cursed me hard and drove me away. I know what she said was against her heart. She was afraid that I would leave her.

I said: I respect you as a man, and treat her well. I really can’t disappoint her. She only has you. If she doesn’t have you, she will have nothing.

Later, he still came to my shop. Once he said to me,”It’s not easy for you to do business. Who dares to trouble you in the future, tell me, I will protect you.”.

I said: OK, you are my friend. You have responsibilities and responsibilities. Your life will not be bad. Tell me if you have any difficulties. I know you are not easy now!

His girlfriend went to Beijing for surgery. He came to say goodbye to me. I asked him if he had enough money. He said,”That’s enough. Since I’m going to Beijing for surgery, I’m ready.”.

I said: Since you are a friend, don’t hide from me. This will betray my trust in you.

He didn’t say anything. I gave him 100000 yuan and asked him to treat his girlfriend well. How could he say that he didn’t want it? I said: Lend it to you, think I gave it to you? Think well, haha… Give it back to me when you have money.

Later, he was still 20000 yuan a year. I asked him to take the flowers first and pay them back in a hurry. He disagreed and paid off my money. He said,”Now I see you finally have no pressure.”.

From being humble at the beginning, to worshipping, to being familiar with, to being a friend who can’t say anything, his concealment lies not only in his skill, but also in his character.

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