How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

As a laboratory doctor, I am most familiar with this problem. It can be said that no one in the hospital knows more familiar than the laboratory, because the blood samples taken by the hospital every day are ultimately sent to the laboratory for chemical examination, whether outpatient, inpatient or physical examination. So, the hospital draws so much blood every day. How to deal with the rest of the blood besides the test? Is it just thrown away as garbage or for other purposes? Next, I will reveal the truth of this problem for you

How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

First, before answering this question, let’s first understand why the hospital needs to draw so much blood when going to the hospital to see a doctor

Now when we go to the hospital to see a doctor, it is inevitable to draw blood. Sometimes it is only a small tube of blood, but sometimes it is necessary to draw many tubes of blood. Especially when we are doing physical examination, we should draw at least five tubes of blood at a time. This also caused many people to wonder why they should draw so many tubes of blood. Can’t one tube of blood complete the examination

In fact, one tube of blood really can’t complete all the examination items. I don’t know if you have found that when we draw blood, we can see that the tubes that draw blood have various colors, including purple, blue, red, green, black, orange and gray. Because the samples used for different test items are different, some use whole blood, some use plasma, and some use serum, which requires different anticoagulants. Because the different anticoagulants will affect some components of the blood, so different anticoagulants need to be used to check different components of the blood, which requires several different blood samples. For example, we should use purple tubes for routine blood tests; For blood coagulation test, blue tubes are needed, and for biochemical test, permanent red or orange tubes are needed; A black tube is needed for ESR

How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

In addition, there are some patients who think that the hospital draws so much blood every time. Do you want to buy it? According to the calculation of 5ml of a tube of blood, there are at least thousands of blood samples a day, and thousands of milliliters or even tens of thousands of milliliters of blood, which is also worth a lot of money

This is more unjust than Dou E! How can I buy this blood? In the eyes of our doctors, these blood samples are regarded as infectious samples. We should find that nurses wear gloves when taking blood, and the staff of our laboratory also wear gloves when doing tests. Why? This is to prevent blood contamination, because some patients may have some infectious viruses in their blood samples, such as hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and even some may have HIV, syphilis, etc. Who dares to have such blood. Do you want to buy it? That is undoubtedly fantastic

Second, the hospital draws so much blood every day. How to deal with the rest of the blood except for the test

The reason why the hospital needs to draw so much blood is mentioned above. Now let’s get back to the point and talk about how to handle these blood samples

How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

Generally speaking, when we draw blood in the outpatient department or inpatient department, a special nurse will send these blood samples to the laboratory, classify the blood samples, and send them to different departments of the laboratory, such as blood routine tests to the clinical examination room, liver function, biochemical tests, blood lipids, etc. to the biochemical room, and hepatitis B in pairs and half to the immune room. After that, some patients who need serum or plasma examination should undergo centrifugation and then go to the instrument for examination and test

When these blood samples are checked every day, the staff of each department of the laboratory will place these blood samples in the refrigerator dedicated to storing blood samples, classify them in chronological order and put them in the designated location, store them in the refrigerator for 7 days in a closed manner, and make various registration and sign for the samples stored in the warehouse. During the 7 days of storage of these blood samples, if the patient has any doubts about the results of the examination, they can be used for reexamination

After that, the blood samples that have been sealed and stored for 7 days will be sterilized by the staff of the laboratory department in a autoclave at 121 ℃ for 30 minutes, and then the treated blood samples will be put into a leak-proof double-layer yellow plastic bag. Finally, these medical wastes will be uniformly transported to the temporary storage place by the special personnel of the hospital

How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

In general, so many blood samples taken by the hospital every day should be stored in a special refrigerator for 7 days after completing the corresponding inspection and test items, and then be treated as medical waste after high-pressure disinfection and sterilization. They are not bought or directly thrown into the garbage can as people think. After all, blood is a risk of blood-borne infection

How does the hospital deal with the blood after the examination after taking blood every day?

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